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    10 July 2007
    Acquired wisdom
    It's midnight but I can't sleep. I am at a certain point in my life when for some reason nothing is certain. I have been thinking about how what happened to me in life made me the person I am now. Some things in life can be truly learned only by your own experience. Here is some midnight knowledge for you:

    1. The opposite of love isn't hate.
    2. Desperate Housewives and Godfather have answers to all possible midnight questions.
    3. The grass is greener for a reason.
    4. Words don't matter but they come handy very often.
    5. If it really hurts - take a painkiller.
    6. Safe sex is like a seatbelt.
    7. At least half of what we say and hear isn't true.
    8. Love ends where conditions begin.
    9. Doors open, doors close.
    10. Wine is heaven.
    11. Some people are born that way.
    12. Dogs are awesome.
    13. Size matters.
    14. Don't hug that tree, climb it.
    15. Who created god?
    16. Adds to 7.

    Good night.
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:07 am  
    • At 10/07/2007, 02:58, Blogger Mise said…

      You forgot 'Sex and the City' but I forgive you, A.C. :D

    • At 10/07/2007, 14:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I am not a fan of Sex and the City at all, you know. I have no questions that they could possibly answer.


    • At 11/07/2007, 00:40, Blogger confused palestinian chick said…

      I can't believe I went to Dubai and just totally forgot to call you! or email you! or.. well, anything.

      I suck I suppose. No excuses, I just forgot- it was basically a trip for my sister with me along for the ride.

      Where have you been?!? How are you liking Do-buy? Coming here anytime soon?

      And I like your newly acquires wisdom, I think I need to take a few lessons away..

    • At 11/07/2007, 12:39, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Ok you're forgiven :P

      Do-Buy is Do-Buy and although it sucks, of course, it does have a tendency of growing on you. It's not that bad since I am not really IN the city, I am way further down towards Jebel Ali so I don't really suffer from traffic and dirt and such like. I am planning to be in Doha sometime real soon. Are you going back to Canada?

    • At 12/07/2007, 19:47, Blogger Sever said…

      8 & 13 - soooooooooooo right *pardon* :-P

    • At 12/07/2007, 20:37, Anonymous Baj said…

      So when are you coming exactly?

    • At 13/07/2007, 10:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Naughty :P


      Aiming for early August, as I got a temp job till the 5th. So as soon as I am done with that. Still waiting for my residency, too.

    • At 14/07/2007, 01:20, Blogger confused palestinian chick said…

      3 more weeks here at the most.. when you comin?

    • At 14/07/2007, 14:26, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I think it is be safe to assume that I'll be in Doha after 3 weeks at the soonest :(

      You have to come to Dubai again :D

    • At 05/08/2007, 17:34, Anonymous Loki said…

      I agree with 9-13... and, I guess, 16... :)

    • At 05/08/2007, 17:40, Anonymous Loki said…

      Oh, blah. OK, I missed 7. Add 7 to my list. Please. :*

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