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    18 June 2007
    Are you still visiting my blog??
    Yes I know it took me........ 2 months!!! I was having a blast at home. Now I am back in Dubai and since I am temporarily unemployed, I'll be around much more often. That is, when I'm done with a 2 months' worth of laundry, cleaning and gardening! LOL

    PS. They have Gavi di Gavi here! There was none of it in Qatar, and not even in Cyprus. I am a very happy Cat. And if the person who introduced me to GDG is still visiting my blog (I have a feeling that you are!) - I hope I managed to put a smile on your face.

    posted by Bravecat @ 8:55 am  
    • At 18/06/2007, 11:51, Blogger Sever said…

      Yes :)

      Welcome back!
      Too long time.
      May be your blogging will bring back mine :P

      Miss you very-very much.

      hugs & kisses :)

    • At 18/06/2007, 12:06, Blogger Who's-sane! said…

      yeah I read your stuff :)

      welcome back

    • At 18/06/2007, 13:52, Blogger Mise said…

      Yes, QC...and I see you've been sharpening your claws too! ;p ... Glad to hear that you're alive and kicking in the Gulf :D

    • At 20/06/2007, 16:16, Blogger don_veto said…

      Welcome back, how are things in Dubai and what the hell is GDG?

    • At 20/06/2007, 19:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yeah guys it's nice to be back!

      Don Veto, GDG stands for Gavi di Gavi, obviously, fine Italian wine. My favourite and the one I was deprived of for so long.


    • At 21/06/2007, 05:43, Blogger Susanne said…

      Welcome back! I didn't blog for ages either. It's hard to keep up the momentum sometimes, especially when real-life people read your blog and you don't necessarily want to reveal aspects of your life to them.

    • At 21/06/2007, 13:47, Anonymous maki71 said…

      WB -

      A big smile indeed :-)

      Enjoy your wine :-)

    • At 21/06/2007, 14:01, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Maki!!!!! Yay!! It's been forever! None of your emails work :( Drop me a line?

    • At 21/06/2007, 20:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      So they have Gavi di Gavi !? WOW (as if I knew before what's it :P), so you'll invite me to drink some ? (acoording to my search in google it's wine, is it ?)

    • At 22/06/2007, 00:12, Blogger Cairogal said…

      I was wondering what you were up to!

    • At 23/06/2007, 17:20, Blogger nzm said…

      Welcome back to your blog!

    • At 23/06/2007, 21:46, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I see you like your new nickname, hehe! Yes GDG is wine indeed, but I thought you didn't drink? Or shouldn't drink? Or did we ruin you for good? :P :P


      I was wondering what you're up to as well! For the time being I am job hunting so don't know when I'll update. When I'll have good news, hopefully :^)


      Thanks! Loved the crash landing pic on yours!

    • At 23/06/2007, 22:11, Blogger Dotsson said…

      Who the hell is Qatar Cat?

    • At 07/07/2007, 16:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      SHUSH kitty and don't be pain in the ass :P
      so please keep one bottel of GDG saved in a good place till I visit you and please find some good cabernet sauvignon reserved red wine for my visit as well :)

    • At 07/07/2007, 17:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I don't drink any reserved reds, but I'll sure save you a bottle of GDG for when and if you decide to visit! Just let me know :)


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