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    4 February 2007
    Moving to Dubai (MTD) - step by step
    I decided to start a new series on my blog - all about our move to Dubai. I hope it will go smoothly and I will have only the positive experiences to write about.

    Moving To Dubai - step 1

    Today two charming gentlemen from Union Cargo Systems came to my house to "check what you Ma'am is sending Dubai". They checked, and announced that everything (car included) will be driven to Dubai via Saudi in an open trailer. Apparently, there will be no insurance because "no insurance company will cover for damage if there is no accident". I will have to check that. I am pretty sure I'd rather insure the stuff. They will do all the packing and wrapping - total bliss! The trailer will take approximately a week to arrive to Dubai. We will probably request our new company to store the stuff till we find accommodation.

    Speaking of which - the job is at Port Rashid, therefore we will be looking for a place somewhere in Bur Dubai - Sheikh Zayed road - Satwa - Mankhool. We are thinking to rent a 2 bed apartment in a nice block, preferably with some kind of gym and other perks. My only requirement that I will absolutely not compromise on is that it HAS to be quiet in the apartment. And I don't care how much that costs. I've been living in the dumpster in the middle of a permanent construction site for 4 freaking years. I deserve some peace and quiet. And yes, I know, I know - Dubai and especially the areas I will be looking at are far from being "quiet", but I'll just have to find what I am looking for or die trying. OK maybe not die, but I am just not going to settle for background noise and earplugs anymore.

    Back to packing. As I am taking my car with me, I was told that I have to get the paper from Toyota saying that the custom duty on my car has been paid to avoid paying the duty upon its registration in Dubai. So I will go to Toyota tomorrow and try and get this document. Wish me luck!


    posted by Bravecat @ 9:21 pm  
    • At 05/02/2007, 12:52, Anonymous H.A.R. said…

      Dubai is waiting for you!!

    • At 06/02/2007, 05:22, Blogger Mise said…

      Good Luck! :D

    • At 06/02/2007, 15:17, Blogger Sever said…

      There are quiet Arab countries?
      If only Saudia. Go there & lock yourself in the home :D

      Ok, try to take the most high floor :)

      I thought you will drive your car yourself.
      You decided to fly?

    • At 07/02/2007, 01:43, Blogger Jap said…

      does this mean you'll be writing as Dubai Dog soon? aw aw! =P have a safe journey.

    • At 07/02/2007, 10:06, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I am sure :P


      Thanks a lot!


      No, thanks, not THAT quiet. In fact, I feel like I am getting enough of the Middle East altogether - if Dubai is not significantly different from Doha I'll be out of there and back in Europe in no time. I simply have no patience for local mentality and behaviour anymore.


      Dubai monkey :P
      Nah, Qatar Cat is a neat name, so I'll keep it.

    • At 07/03/2007, 17:31, Blogger moryarti said…

      Hope it’s not the same Union Movers company that shifted my house... they damaged almost every major furniture item they touched.

    • At 08/03/2007, 10:28, Anonymous psaraki said…

      I know it's late, but wanted to tell you that Doha is dull without you :(

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