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    21 February 2007
    MTD - Step 3 - Car and more
    Today I had to go and arrange the paperwork for the car. I had to change the car licence plates to export plates (I got a kewl number, it gave me a giggle). It took about 45 minutes and was painless. The new company's mandoub met me at the police station at 8am as he promised, and did most of the legwork. The car had to be checked, the temporary insurance had to be arranged, the forms had to be signed and the money had to be paid. Then I said good bye to my lovely number plates (34 25 34) and got a set of new red 5 digit export plates. Voila! I have to export the car within 10 days. Shouldn't be a problem since I have to leave by the end of the month. I still have no idea when I am flying, no reservations have been made. I should have that done tomorrow, probably for the 27th.

    Crown cargo company is a total rip off. And they're good. So I'll go with Crown, since the new company pays for it anyway. The guys will come to pack and box everything up on Sunday the 25th. I guess I'll have to spend a couple of days sitting on the floor with no telly ;-)

    HSBC is a pain in the neck. Our garantor was not accepted by the bank in the end, and the account is blocked yet again. Apparently, the guarantor has "high liabilities"(means he has a Visa card). How very true. I don't know how to get rid of it now! All Visa card users beware. It's a HUGE liability. It only seems like it makes your life easy, in fact it's a source of constant pain.

    So far so good. Note to self: MUST start going through my stuff to sort out what I'm taking to Do-buy, and what I am leaving in Cat-ar. Today.


    posted by Bravecat @ 2:00 pm  
    • At 21/02/2007, 19:30, Blogger nzm said…

      Yuk - moving hassles!

      BTW - your little Flickr thingy in the left column will be a thing of the past in Dubai, as our dear Etisalat has blocked it again.

    • At 22/02/2007, 13:45, Blogger Sever said…

      Good luck :)

      & waiting for your new no. :P

      Move already, set there & then lets make a good chat about everything!


    • At 22/02/2007, 17:16, Blogger U.E. said…

      OK darnit. I wrote out a brilliant and lengthy comment and it didn't POST!!

      Alright, it wasn't that great. But still.

      So.. the gist is, I can't beleive how fast this has happend. This month just flew by! Can you beleive it??

    • At 23/02/2007, 05:48, Blogger eshda3wa said…

      Goodluck in Do-buy :)

    • At 24/02/2007, 02:49, Blogger BuJ said…

      first time for me here.. interesting place :)

      btw, if you're going to export your car to Dubai I'd leave the Qatar plates on it.. and just drive back home every year to renew the registration!

      Driving in UAE with Qatar plates means u get much more leeway than with a normal Burj Al Arab boring Dubai plate :)

    • At 26/02/2007, 16:27, Blogger Sex and Dubai said…

      We'd have to agree with Buj. Leaving the Q plates on will allow you to get away with a lot. It will also expose you to a lot more swearing and road rage alike to Abu Dhabi and Oman drivers in Dubai ;)

    • At 26/02/2007, 23:39, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hassles.. Yuck yuck. I don't care much about Flickr, so it's ok :)


      Can't wait to settle and get ADSL again!


      You know how it is, girl. You're the same way. Things happen fast.


      Thankies!! :^)


      Yes, because driving back and forth through Saudi is something I am willing to waste my time on... Once a year.


      I stick to the rules while driving.. Generally. And I kinda like Dubai plates, so it's all good!


    • At 27/02/2007, 02:06, Blogger BuJ said…


      Well I didn't wanna mention KSA, but now that you did.. oh my..

      Last time (and first time) I went to Qatar was an interesting road trip. We left Dubai early and packed everything and hit the road.

      Driving after AD towards the KSA border was a pleasure. However once you hit the UAE border you slow down. The UAE guys are full of respect and know their job.

      Then you enter KSA.. oh my Lord!!
      They are so backward it's embarrasing. I swear I hope no journalist or foreigner ever gets to see that side of the Arab world. They had stickers on the immigration windows saying "back your Prophet, stop the crusaders" etc..

      Sorry dude, keep your opinion to yourself. What image do you give to the poor unfortunate soul that passes here and isn't a Muslim?

      a few klicks then we're in Salwa, then Qatar.. yuppie!

      I love Qatar, it's like Dubai and Doha were split at birth but are identical twins :)

      Anyway the immigration control was staffed by a very polite lady etc.. and my family and me were very proud to be back in civilisation.

      Anyway, moral of the story, if you can avoid driving thru KSA then do so, but if you really can't avoid it then be reassured the trip is short (and the petrol is much cheaper than Qatar or UAE hehe).

    • At 27/02/2007, 11:26, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Haha yes how can I avoid driving through KSA if I want to get from Qatar to Dubai?

      And anyways, it's not viable since I would need a residence permit in Qatar to renew car registration, and my permit was cancelled long ago... which is precisely the reason I am typing this as I sit in Bahrain airport waiting for my flight home!


    • At 28/02/2007, 02:12, Blogger BuJ said…

      You're a dedicated blogger! Blogging from the airport and all...

      Well as you might know we used to have direct borders with Qatar so you could drive without going thru KSA, but there was a deal with Sheikh Zayed (allah yirhamo) and KSA and they got that bit of land, while UAE got parts of Al Ain.

      Ah, I hate the problems associated with permits, residencies etc.. it's all a joke!

    • At 02/03/2007, 23:32, Blogger Dotsson said…

      34 25 34?
      Are these your measurements?

    • At 07/03/2007, 08:34, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      Just think about how much your going to LOVE Dubai... I miss it sometimes... sometimes.

      Crown is the best moving company, they moved all of our stuff back to Canada when we moved back home. They're expensive, but good.

    • At 07/03/2007, 10:21, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      ah! there's another who moved!

    • At 14/03/2007, 02:39, Blogger BuJ said…

      Lookin forward to an update :)
      shoo akhbar daaar el 7ayy?

    • At 19/03/2007, 11:09, Blogger Sex and Dubai said…

      Hey QC, you're probably in Dubai now - where's the update!? Hope all is well and the moving was swift. 20 bucks says the first thing you will rant about is the traffic :P

    • At 19/03/2007, 11:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      HI Everyone! This is Midget writing on behalf of QC who is in Dubai and can only access crappy wifi that won't let her update her blog or post replies to any of your comments.

      She will post when she can. :)

    • At 19/03/2007, 15:24, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Hello everyone and thank you for your comments! Unfortunately I can't answer them all as I am in the internet cafe and there is a kid here breathing down my neck - I kicked him out from his seat to check my Gmail and my blog and he wants his comp back to play some stupid games. So cheers everyone! I'll be back and blog at some point.

    • At 19/03/2007, 17:21, Blogger BuJ said…

      cheers big ears!

    • At 25/09/2008, 09:33, Blogger Chilli said…

      Hi, can I please talk to you about your moving to Dubai from Qatar, it is eating my brain up at the moment...
      you find me here: chilliconsultant at gmail

    • At 25/09/2008, 12:27, Blogger Brave Cat said…


      Why would my move from Qatar to Dubai eat your brain up??

      You can find me at http://qatarblahblah.proboards58.com/index.cgi

    • At 25/09/2008, 12:35, Blogger Chilli said…

      My own move actually- hsbc/car etc!
      Wanted to know how the export went. Can it be done when owner is not Qatar any more, etc?

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