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    8 February 2007
    MTD - Step 2 (Banking)
    Went to the bank to close the bank account and get the remaining money out. Haha. I've got VISA card, that means for the bank to close the account they have to cancel the card first (fine with me), and keep the money on the account blocked for 45 days "in case late VISA payments come through". How much will be blocked? The whole card limit. In my case - it's more than what is on the account itself. Awesome. That's a no go as far as I am concerned, I may be broke at the moment but I do need whatever money I have left, especially since my VISA is paid in full and there were no new transactions. Anyways, the lady in the bank punches two holes in my VISA and proceeds to block the account. Thanks to the presence of a couple of friends employees of the bank I figured out I could get someone to sign a guarantee for my VISA so that I could use my money in the meantime. This guarantor, however, can not be an HSBC employee so I had to ask someone else (thank you!). So now my VISA is cancelled, there is a guarantor for the "possible" outstanding amount and my account should be unblocked in 2 days. Yay! I should have read VISA terms and conditions more closely when I signed up for it.

    Step 1 update - got the paper from Toyota that the tax on the car has already been paid. It took about 5 minutes. Oh, and 45 minutes to find the accountant's office who is dealing with all this stuff, in Toyota tower (he was hiding behind the door that said "computer room").
    Union Cargo failed to impress, apart from what they were planning to charge, so I am switching to Crown - lets see what they come up with. I am not very keen on having my precious sofas taken to Dubai in an open trailer. It's been raining crazy here for the last... 3 months!

    Boss called the other day and said I am needed at work. So back to work I go next week. Should be fun especially since I can't see myself doing anything at work which is worth going there in the first place.

    It's raining and rain always makes me feel so lonely...


    posted by Bravecat @ 11:23 pm  
    • At 09/02/2007, 08:09, Anonymous jack said…

      OPEN trailer ... that's a burn. Not only the chance of rain but road grime, dust and who knows what else could damage your stuff.

    • At 09/02/2007, 16:45, Blogger Mise said…

      I tried to be a good citizen and close my account properly before I left AUH. They charged me for doing it and got all officious about a cheque book that I'd never used and could't find. I should have just emptied my account and said nothing.

    • At 10/02/2007, 18:57, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yup, that's what I thought, too.


      I don't think I'm brave enough for that!

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