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    1 July 2007
    What is it that makes people think that it's ok to take something that doesn't belong to them? Something someone else has paid for? Is it because they are poor and desperate? I could probably understand it then. But it had nothing to do with being poor and desperate! I shipped my entire extensive DVD collection to Dubai by air freight only to discover yesterday that some of the movies "didn't make it".

    My friend Fishy and I watched Underworld and were planning to watch Underworld Evolution - only the DVD wasn't in the box. There was the bonus features disk alright, but the feature was missing. I randomly checked some of the other blockbuster movies - and it appears that someone in the customs here in Dubai has an expensive taste.

    No, I don't believe that this has to do with being poor. Poor people don't steal DVDs. They steal money and food. But how do you explain this? Someone just thought that this would be a nice movie to have in their collection? Well, that's what I thought too and so I went and bought it! I didn't get into someone's stuff to steal it!

    I won't go bankrupt, obviously, if I have to buy the movies again. But my opinion about Dubai, one of the richest places on Earth, won't change. Cheap thieves! And there is no law here that could help me to get my DVDs returned.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:11 am  
    • At 02/07/2007, 11:39, Blogger Mise said…

      It happened to me with videos, Cat. But I didn't notice the movies were missing until I got a package a month later from Customs with three or four tapes which had been vetted and were now being returned.

      Can't imagine that happening with the DVDs though. There are thieves everywhere!

    • At 02/07/2007, 11:54, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yes I know there are thieves everywhere, Mise, but back home I could march right to the customs with the list of the DVDs shipped, and demand the missing movies back or the money they cost me! And you know what? I'd get that because the law is on my side. Where do I go with the movie list here? They would just laugh at me, wherever I go.

      Arghhhhhh I am so PISSED OFF!!

    • At 02/07/2007, 17:26, Blogger AbbieIsOnFire said…

      People suck sometimes.

      Though stealing the DVD and leaving the case is a bit foolish, I give the movie two days before it gets scratches and is unwatchable.

      So rest assured that by the time you read this those thieves are kicking themselves in the butt for being morons?

    • At 03/07/2007, 13:46, Blogger Sever said…

      I don't want to go to UAE :-/

    • At 04/07/2007, 00:21, Blogger Cairogal said…

      I hate shipping things. The weirdest stuff disappears. My parents sent some clothing to me in Egypt, and a fleece and a shawl were taken. You think, of all the things to take, why those?

    • At 04/07/2007, 14:06, Blogger Missy said…

      ooh! only when I thought.. I'd send a package to a friend! now im hesitant!

    • At 04/07/2007, 17:32, Blogger U.E. said…

      You're back, you're back, you're back!!
      *beams some more*
      Ok... I have nothing to add to the missing dvd tragedy. International shipping sucks.
      But you're back!! How I've missed you...

    • At 04/07/2007, 23:03, Blogger Dotsson said…

      The fuckers even stole that dildo I sent you. Give 'em some points for having good taste ;)

      Saudi customs is even worse. They have been given carte blanche by the government to do whatever they want with people's stuff. They fucking stole my national geographic subscription!!! What kinda perverts steal pictures of animals???
      I did find a way around this though... usually if you order the stuff on a government address, the customs people don't touch it for fear of losing their jobs.

    • At 04/07/2007, 23:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for making me feel better, sweetie :)


      It's really not all that bad here...


      Yes, I thought along the same lines when I realised that a French movie with Greek subtitles is missing...


      Welcome and be careful with what you send! :^)


      Where is YOUR blog??? Miss you more!


      Give me the government address I can reach you at and I'll send you another dildo to compensate for your loss :P :P

    • At 06/07/2007, 13:58, Anonymous Concerned World Citizen said…

      If you don't like the laws, the life, the treatment, then I suggest you leave and return to a place more familiar; your home.
      Stop complaining, values are not shared everywhere and purchasing power is not even close, if only for the selected few.

    • At 06/07/2007, 14:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Concerned world citizen

      Thanks for giving me a laugh, I needed that. Stay concerned! Or go and steal a movie. After all, this is what you usually do at home, right?


      Oh goodness me, I MUST stop laughing now!

      :D :D :D

    • At 06/07/2007, 17:22, Blogger AbbieIsOnFire said…

      Stop talking out of your ass, Mr. Citizen, the Internet is MEANT for bitching.


    • At 07/07/2007, 16:14, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Well, it's strange thing to happen !!?? maybe you should go and insist to know what's happened with your DVD....at least to say it to them will make you feel better even if you don't get it and not letting them think that no one will ask after them :P
      So now I'll not watch this dvd with you ? :(

    • At 07/07/2007, 17:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…




      Didn't know you wanted to watch anything with me, but you're welcome anytime of course! And no I'll not go anywhere to ask because I'll just get upset and that would be it.

    • At 08/07/2007, 16:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I have sent a friend of mine, all her stuff she left in my apartment to Dubai. The box contained books, clothes and 2 six packs of her favorite beer...guess what was missing? yes, the beer...now, i agree i might have violated some laws there.but i am sure that the custom officers had a nice party with my beer...Regarding dildos, i have walked through Dubai customs with 2 dildos for her friend...no big deal...though i am happy i did not get stopped.

    • At 09/07/2007, 09:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yes well beer IS a violation. you weren't supposed to! As for dildos - I've got no clue. Dottson was just being an idiot. I never tried to send, receive, or otherwise smuggle any sex toys in the country. When and if I do, I'll post the detailed report here!


    • At 09/07/2007, 15:17, Blogger secretdubai said…

      Censorship strikes me as more likely than theft, but you never know. Sorry to hear about it anyway.

    • At 09/07/2007, 23:45, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Wow thanks for visiting! And as for DVDs - censorship my tail! All these DVDs are for sale in Virgin here. I went there and bought them again tonight.

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