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    24 June 2007
    Settled in, now what?
    OK so I have sorted out the house and figured conventient routes to get around. Now I need to find a job. How do people look for jobs in the UAE anyway?? Is it just the Appointments section of Gulf Times? I have seen a multitude of recruitment companies' ads - are these any good? Anybody had some luck with the online ones?

    It's too hot to put too much effort into this right now...

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:36 pm  
    • At 24/06/2007, 16:27, Blogger Who's-sane! said…

      Check out recruitment agencies in Dubai, there's bayt.com, monstergulf.com. Also, check the appointment section of Gulf News, or just go to their website, gulfnews.com, sorry, can't think of anything else right now ...

      Good luck!

    • At 24/06/2007, 16:54, Blogger nzm said…

      Whatever you do, you should NEVER pay money to any of these recruitment firms - it's illegal for them to charge jobseekers. They can only legally charge companies to look for staff for them.

    • At 25/06/2007, 11:22, Blogger Cairogal said…

      I second NZM...don't pay any company to help you find work. I think the best jobs in Dubai are the ones you get by knowing someone...what field do you work in again, QC?

    • At 25/06/2007, 21:54, Blogger don_veto said…

      What is your dream job ?

    • At 03/07/2007, 22:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I would love to work with horses, but getting a job that has to do with horses AND pays me what I want to be paid is impossible, because I am not qualified/experienced enough to run a horse farm, lol.

      So I am looking for a job in the area of my expertise - HR in oil and gas :)

    • At 09/07/2007, 15:49, Anonymous al-republican said…

      Wow, I like how life is so uncomplicated for you. You settle in first and then go out on a job hunt!

      For us lowly creatures, it works the exact opposite. Sigh...

    • At 09/07/2007, 21:53, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I know!! I am so spoiled. Well, looks like being married does have its advantages after all...


    • At 07/08/2007, 21:55, Anonymous Christina said…

      Did you ever visit the farms in Qatar? They got some of the greatest horses in the world! :)

    • At 07/08/2007, 22:31, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      For a girl who sat next to me at one of the horse shows you seem to be very forgetful :P We met in Doha, remember?? I guess since you know me through my (deleted) VT page, you didn't realize that I am the same person!


    • At 09/08/2007, 01:34, Anonymous Christina said…

      haha oh my, I feel so stupid now!!!! I had absolutly no idea it was you :p yeah yeah I know I am slow hehe... it's a small world after all. Hope you are enjoying Dubai :) Have been following on QBB for a while, and was looking around, and ended up at your blog... :)

    • At 09/08/2007, 08:48, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      It's ok :) Now that I think of it - you couldn't have possibly known. Unless of course you checked my Flickr pics and seen that most of them are of horses! :) Well now you know it's me. So you're lurking on QBB, eh? We are a bunch of weirdos having fun there. Welcome to join!

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