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    26 October 2005
    Qatar Traffic:

    From now on jumping signals and overtaking from the right will carry a fine of QR 3000. Talking on the mobile without a hands-free will cost you QR 200. Wow. .

    Cyprus Traffic:

    No mobiles, full stop. Hands-free, bluetooth devices - not allowed. Neither is eating or drinking. I think next step will be to ban singing along to the music, talking to the passengers, holding the steering wheel with one hand. Oh, they should ban manual transmission too, as that requires one hand off the steering wheel..

    Cyprus Flag:

    The flags with yellow Cyprus map will have to be replaced by the flags with copper Cyprus map. Not only new flags will come out copper, but all the current ones that are yellow have to be removed and replaced. My opinion? Duhh...

    Qatar Bird flu:

    Apparently Qatar is "totally free from the disease" so far, but a number of imported birds was destroyed by the authorities as a protective measure to prevent the bird flu outbreak in the country (as per Gulf Times 26/10/05).

    Qatar Cat flu:

    I knew it.. The day my husband goes to work when he recovers from flu will be the day I come down with one. I can already feel it. Great.. Hopefully will make it to the Halloween party on Friday. Fingers crossed..

    posted by Bravecat @ 1:41 pm  
    • At 28/10/2005, 12:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Get well soon, kitty..

    • At 30/10/2005, 18:37, Blogger gadarene said…

      about the fine on overtaking from the right...picture this...you're driving down d-ring in the middle lane doing 90kmph...moron in jalopy crawling at 70kmph in front of you...u look in the mirror,catch sight of wacko local tearing down the fast lane in his landcruiser lights blazing doing about 150kmph...u look ahead...slow lane...empty...would'nt you?...you probably would,to save your car's rear end & probably your life if not anything else...you get pulled over & fined...for overtaking from the right...you broke the law right?...fair enough...what about the schmuck that was crawling in the middle lane that refused to move over despite you going close enough to his rear end/flashing your high beam at him?...does'nt he get a fine for hogging the lane?...but hey if these morons had the breadth of vision to consider all those factors...where would they be huh?!...:)

    • At 20/11/2005, 10:54, Anonymous Qatar Cat said…

      Gadarene - ROFL

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