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    24 September 2007
    Do you remember?
    Remember years ago, you were a cute talented kid singing in a seedy club just cause you liked singing and wanted an audience? My (then) boyfriend who worked at the same club would ask me to give you a lift once every now and then when you didn't have a car and I could never remember where your place was? LOL

    Well... look at you now ;-)

    Mixalis Xatzigiannis - Mi me oneireyteis - Live @ Lykavitos


    Mi me onireftis
    Mi rotas an zo
    Na mi m' agapas
    An den ise edo

    Don't dream of me
    Don't ask if I'm alive
    Don't love me
    If you're not here

    posted by Bravecat @ 10:52 pm  
    • At 25/09/2007, 00:54, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      a) It is sooo cooool that you knew this guy before he made it big, although I must admit I have never heard of him, thats just wicked.

      b) ROFL at the people waving CELL PHONES as light in the air with their arms. Its just such a funny sight, and such a symbol of our technology-driven time. Hehe, made me laugh out loud to myself... and the dog.

    • At 25/09/2007, 00:55, Anonymous Melina said…

      omg you actually know MX? Ooooooooouau!

      you are jokeing, right?

    • At 25/09/2007, 01:23, Blogger Dotsson said…

      maga paga hesma mo ma

      Digaro maya gioloni relioi greekiayada?

    • At 25/09/2007, 08:31, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      The cellphone thing made me laugh too, I haven't seen anything like that to be honest. I guess there were fire hazards so people couldn't use lighters, lol. I bet most of them had lighters though, since Greece has a frightening percentage of smokers!

      I am not surprised that you don't know Michalis - he's a Greek star, even though he did tour Canada in 2006 and all his shows were sold out within days.


      Welcome to my blog :)

      And no, I am not joking. It's not a big deal, really. We weren't close friends :P


      That was for the lack of something to say? LOL Your Greek (I assume that's what it is) is remarkable...


    • At 25/09/2007, 12:34, Anonymous μπάτσος said…

      Κι αν μ' αγαπάς
      Κι αν με θυμάσαι
      Δεν σ' έχω πια
      Είσαι μακριά
      Όπου και να'σαι
      Σ' άλλη τροχιά
      Σ' άλλη αγκαλιά

      Μη με ονειρευτείς
      Μη ρωτάς αν ζω
      Να μη μ'αγαπάς
      Αν δεν είσαι εδώ
      Μη μ' επιθυμείς
      Μη ρωτάς αν ζω
      Να μη μ' αγαπάς
      Αν δεν είσαι εδώ

      Μη μ' αγαπάς
      Αν δεν το ξέρω
      Όλα εισ' εσύ
      Ανάσα εσύ
      Που αν δεν την παίρνω
      Δεν έχω πια
      Εγώ ζωή

      Even if you love me
      Even if you remember me
      I don't have you anymore
      You're so far away
      Wherever you are
      In another route,
      In someone else's embrace

      Don't dream of me
      Don't ask if I live
      Don't love me
      If you're not here
      Don't desire me
      Don't ask if I live
      Don't love me
      If you're not here

      Don't love me
      If I don't know
      Everything is you
      You are the breath
      I can't take
      I don't have a life anymore

    • At 26/09/2007, 00:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome to my blog and thanks for posting the lyrics for my readers. It's a great song.

    • At 26/09/2007, 15:18, Blogger Taras said…

      I guess I've heard the word agape before:)!

    • At 28/09/2007, 02:02, Blogger Mise said…

      Don't dream of me
      Don't ask if I live
      Don't love me
      If you're not here

      I really like these lyrics...


    • At 28/09/2007, 10:44, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Agape is a beautiful word. Means love :)


      That makes the two of us.

    • At 29/09/2007, 01:00, Anonymous viajeros said…

      Hi QC, this comment is not linked to your post, sorry about it!. Let me explain: We are a couple evaluating moving from Doha to Dubai. We lived there before for a few years, then moved to Doha and after 6 months, my wife and I get offers in Dubai. In these months we made friends and enjoyed Doha, now we are almost back in "bedu" mode, packing our things on the camels and heading back there.

      Now that you are in Dubai, and having lived in Doha for some time, how do you find Dubai compared to Doha?, is there anything you would do to go back to Doha?.

      Doha creates some expectations that have some weight in evaluating a move: the city is growing, probably there will more parks (we miss Safa, Mushrif, Creek and Jumeirah parks), the economics of the country (Qatar) are apparently better on the long term thanks to the gas reserves, insha'llah Ikea will open a store too ...etc.

      Thanks for sharing the tips on MTD....

    • At 29/09/2007, 12:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hola, traveller! ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

      Regarding moving from Doha to Dubai or from Dubai to Doha - there isn't really a good advice that I could give you. It depends on what you like more. I loved Doha and I miss it a lot, but now I realise that it is mostly people that I miss, not the place itself. In terms of the quality of life Dubai is light years ahead of Doha. It is also much more fun, with plenty things to do. But the atmosphere is very different. If you are into hustle and bustle - come back to Dubai. If you prefer more of an Arabic culture and influence - stay in Doha. In any case, do come and visit Dubai again to make up your mind. If there are any specific issues you'd like me to help you with - feel free to email me or send me a private message through my forum, Qatar Blah Blah - you'll find the link on the left side bar on my blog. Hope I can be of help!

      And if you decide to come to Dubai I'd be happy to brush up my Spanish skills with you guys! :P



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