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    14 September 2007
    Ramadan, day 1 (yesterday)
    This is what happens to me when I don't have access to coffee in the morning:

    : Good morning, Mr. VIPA (Very Important Pompous Arse)

    VIPA: Good morning QC, so and so told me that you speak Greek?

    QC: Sometimes

    VIPA: I know two words in Greek!

    QC: Ugh?

    VIPA: Christos Anesti! (Greek Easter greeting, translates as Christ arose from the dead)

    QC: Thanks, you too

    VIPA: I thought it meant Happy Easter?

    QC: Yes. Ramadan Kareem, Mr. VIPA

    VIPA: I am Greek Orthodox

    QC: Oh, sorry, Merry Christmas

    VIPA: You too (backing away while keeping his eyes on me)
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