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    17 October 2007
    Cat is back home
    I had a lovely Eid break in Muscat, just what I needed: a room with a balcony that opens up towards the sunset over the sea. I didn't go around much since I've already seen most of what the place has to offer during my two previous trips, so I took the time to relax and read my book (Lord of the Rings - for the twenty third time), listen to the piano in the lobby and to the jazz duo in the bar. I soaked in the pool and enjoyed long quiet hours reading in the lobby and watching people. I met Kaza, my blogger friend, and I liked her in real life even more than online ;-)

    I hope you all had a good time!

    And this little fella was hiding under my bed... I discovered him while looking for my shoes, and brought him home with me. He lives with me now. Yes, I am that easy :P

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:06 am  
    • At 17/10/2007, 16:04, Blogger ammaro.com said…

      thats nice... i sorta envy you right now. i REALLY need to get outta the country and go on a little break...

    • At 17/10/2007, 19:39, Blogger Mise said…

      Hey QC...I could do with a bit of warm Muscat...or warm anywhere ... it's getting a bit chilly in Ireland these days ... my first full Winter here in 14 years ...brrrrr! :D

    • At 18/10/2007, 00:15, Blogger ZeRoCoOl said…

      cool pictures qc......much better than gotham...

    • At 18/10/2007, 09:26, Blogger Q Cat said…


      Who doesn't? People are stressed out left, right and centre. Honestly, I wish that pretty much everyone around me just ... went abroad on holiday for a while, lol.


      I don't envy you. I'm allergic to cold! There is noway I could handle Irish winter. Keep yourself warm and dry! :P


      I just realised where your nick comes from, haha. I am that slow. As for Gotham - I haven't been to New York, but I would assume that Muscat is prettier by default!

    • At 19/10/2007, 05:21, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      AWE !

      I want the Hippo !

    • At 19/10/2007, 09:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah I know he's adorable! Sorry you can't have him, he's all mine now :P Although I'm struggling to find a proper name for him.

    • At 20/10/2007, 10:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      very pretty but looks too quiet to me! I need action! so to Greece we go =]


    • At 20/10/2007, 15:49, Blogger Wardat_il'7leej said…


      Glad u had a relaxin time..and sorry i missed you.

      Hope to catch up when i come to Dxb by 4th Dec...i'll keep you posted :)

    • At 21/10/2007, 09:37, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Actually, there is a lot of fun stuff to do in Oman. And I love the understated night life of Muscat.


      Looking forward to that, so do keep me posted ;-)

    • At 21/10/2007, 16:31, Blogger Kishor Cariappa said…

      I love the understated night life of Muscat
      Does Muscat have one?


    • At 21/10/2007, 17:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yes it does, you have to know where to look tho ;-)

    • At 08/09/2008, 12:53, Blogger 3anooda said…

      one of the main reasons i regret quitting blogging for a while - cant beelive u came to muscat and i missed it. looks like u stayed at the Hyatt

      I would love to meet - coming to dubai during the eid holidays inshallah. i think ur on my fb list - will organise.

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