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    7 October 2007
    I wish I could change my life...
    ... pretty much every time I encounter something new, interesting, exciting and unexpected. I sit and fantasize for hours (days, months, even years) of how much better my life would be if only it could change to accommodate my latest addiction.

    Then, of course, the weight of the rest of my life forces me down from the clouds.

    But really, wouldn't it be awesome to be able to change your life at a whim, regardless? And in changing your life, change the lives of those who are directly and indirectly involved in whatever it is you want the most, at the moment? You would be making it better for all involved, right?


    I shouldn't be complaining, really, I have a great life. But such is human nature that enough is never enough and we only stop wishing for more when we die. And I am still alive.

    It's been a while to check Post Secret, I always liked peeking into other people's lives through it. Somehow it always made me feel better about myself. Or at least, in way, not so alone.

    posted by Bravecat @ 1:01 am  
    • At 07/10/2007, 05:33, Blogger Dotsson said…

      You need some of the Dot-man.

    • At 07/10/2007, 08:29, Blogger tinkerbella said…

      "But really, wouldn't it be awesome to be able to change your life at a whim, regardless?"

      Omg, I fantasize about that constantly. But only because I have a really crappy life.. the only thing keeping me going is the promise of a better and brighter future but I know that if I am not fulfilled now, will I ever be fulfilled.
      Like you said, we humans are greedy, we will only be satisfied six feet under!

    • At 07/10/2007, 09:52, Anonymous homie said…

      feeling down kitty? i do feel the same sometimes then i thought what the hell am i thinking, i may not have a great life but i am happy i make the most of what i have so cheer up!!

    • At 07/10/2007, 09:52, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      It's very tempting, but I must decline :P


      Oh come on, you don't have a crappy life! Give it few decades, and you will look back at these years and say they were your best! LOL

      That's what my mom used to say when I was moaning about school. I am still waiting for the time when I will think those were my best years though, hehee.

    • At 07/10/2007, 09:55, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Feeling down? Me? Well I guess I was, a little. Sometimes it happens. I bet it happens to everybody. I am sure I'll feel better today :)

      And thanks for your kind words. I really shouldn't complain and should make the best of what I have. I mean, hey, look at the comments, I have a hot 20 year old (Dot) offering himself to me, lol, what else does a girl need for happiness?


    • At 08/10/2007, 16:23, Blogger Marianna said…

      With me approaching 40 next year I too think about change. I think it is normal human nature. With longevity the norm in my family I still have good years left to do things I want to do. Still to have the wisedom I have now and take that back to say when I was 20...that would be totally awesome. I could go for that...wonder how my life would be now.

    • At 08/10/2007, 17:50, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      We have a good saying for that, Marianna: If only the young knew, and the old could ;-)

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