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    20 October 2007
    Summer in Greece
    Dedicated to my friend Dot, who asked me to post more songs in Greek ;-)

    For those who haven't heard about holidays in Greece - this one is a must see. Greece, and certain Greek islands in particular, are very famous for their summer lifestyle and "special offers". Lots of girls from Europe travel to Greece every summer looking for tan, fun and holiday romance ;-) Sadly for tourist boys, Greek girls aren't that easy to get, therefore foreign boys are mostly restricted in their advances to foreign girls in Greece. But if you are a blond foreign girl and you are looking for some holiday action - pack your bikini and head to Greek islands for a summer experience to remember! And this hilarious (albeit very realistic) video is a typical example. As they say in the video: Like here - nowhere! LOL

    Check out the gorgeous scenery and gorgeous people.

    Lyrics (with Greek parts translated):
    Greek man:

    From thousand faces
    I chose you
    Because you've got something
    That I like
    You are not like me at all
    Wherever you're from
    You look so different
    You must be a dream

    I ask about you everywhere, nobody has seen you
    Must be your first time on the island
    I ask you what's your name
    And you just smile at me
    And answer me in your language
    Foreign girl:

    I like your country very much
    I like the way you people touch
    Cause baby I am a foreign girl
    So do you wanna rock my world
    Rock my world baby

    Greek man:

    I see you looking (at me)
    And turning the other way
    You pretend you don't care
    But you look (at me) again
    The night has its way
    To bring us closer together
    It brings the wave of love
    Towards me

    In this country the nights are very long
    As the sea gets the sun drunk with wine
    To confuse the sun and make it shine elsewhere
    But I've talked too much, now "talk me about you"

    Foreign girl:

    I like your Greek mentality
    Your country's hospitality
    I like your salty lips on mine
    Your sandy beaches are divine
    So baby come and get me drunk
    Like raider loot me and get me sunk
    Surrender to your victory
    I like your country's history

    Oh George this is the best summer in my life
    Summer in Greece


    I told you, baby
    Like here nowhere

    I would like to point out that the blue eyed hunk in the video, George, is Giorgos Mazonakis, one of my favourite Greek singers.

    So girls, you know what to expect when you travel to Greek islands in the summer.
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:38 pm  
    • At 20/10/2007, 09:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      i came to this blog searching for summer hols in Greece! thanks for a wonderful video! Just a place for me and my peeps, any island in particular you would recommend?


    • At 20/10/2007, 14:57, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Hey Bachelorette! Try Cyprus :P

    • At 20/10/2007, 16:39, Blogger ammaro.com said…

      haha, this post is quite fun actually, lol! :)

      did you enjoy greece?! i'm sure you did!

    • At 20/10/2007, 16:42, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I am not a foreigner in Greece, lol.

    • At 20/10/2007, 19:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Oohhhhhh great girls! beautiful video.

    • At 20/10/2007, 19:23, Blogger Taras said…

    • At 20/10/2007, 22:34, Anonymous Frenchie said…

      you are too negative, QC, islands like Mykonos have lots of guys to offer. Many of them easy to get :p

    • At 20/10/2007, 22:55, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Greek is dead easy for Eastern Europeans to learn, you are right!


      Hahaha so true! Mykonos is a gay paradise!

    • At 21/10/2007, 01:36, Blogger Dotsson said…

      So this is how they breed them in Greece? Man those women are mighty fine. I'm going to Greece :)

    • At 21/10/2007, 07:59, Blogger Sandie said…

      I just adore Greece. We went on holiday to mountain bike, windsurf and sail in Porto Heli...Fantastic. I even learned Greek in 2 months. It was easy for me because I lived in Cyrpus when I was a kid. So Greek is familiar to me but I just have to remember it.

    • At 21/10/2007, 09:33, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      So what happened to your plan of going to Ukraine to find Yulia?? LOL


      I am glad you like Greece - everyone should ;-) Cyprus is very different now than when you were a kid, it changed a lot in the last 10 years or so. You should come visit.

    • At 21/10/2007, 17:37, Blogger Dotsson said…

      How come you have all these people from Greece on your blog? Did you alert the entire Greek community that you have a blog?

      Me and Yulia are still on.

    • At 21/10/2007, 17:42, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Which people from Greece?? I don't remember alerting anyone, and I don't think I have many Greek visitors on my blog - just my real life friends, and a very few other people. None of the commentators on this post are Greek!

      Good luck to you and Yulia. Don't forget to ask about that ridiculous hairdo!

    • At 21/10/2007, 20:15, Blogger Mise said…

      Been there loads of times....last time for 5 weeks travelling to less well known islands...I spent a week in Spetses reading John Fowles' 'Magus' and trying to walk in the footsteps of the story ... :D

    • At 21/10/2007, 20:27, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Awwww lucky you! Me - I've never been to Ireland but I really really want to! Maybe next May, I have a wedding to attend in Kent, so I might just take a week off after that and fly over to Ireland! Always attracted me for some reason.

    • At 22/10/2007, 07:00, Anonymous Ιωάννα said…

      First greek commenting on this post! :-P

      This video is very funny and it was sponsored partly by the government. And it is more funny because Μαζώ is gay himself!

    • At 22/10/2007, 07:14, Blogger Luthien said…

      Pack your bags Cat and come over... We'll take you out and you will forget all about your troubles. Lets go to Greek islands, I got great contacts in half the bars of Santorini. Just what you need. Ireland is a bit too cold already for you I think.

    • At 22/10/2007, 15:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome to my blog :^) Yeah it's funny with Mazonakis, I remember when he came to Cyprus he was singing at my friend's club and I was dying to meet him so I asked my friend to see if we could all go for a coffee so I'd have a chance to exchange few words with him. My friend called me back and said yeah, sure, only Mazw will be with his boyfriend, LOL. I got too embarrassed and excused myself! Silly girl.


      If it wasn't for the nick and the Santorini mafia I wouldn't know who this is! ROFL! Yeah packing already!

    • At 23/10/2007, 02:18, Blogger Mise said…

      May is the perfect time QC... Cead Mile Failte :D

    • At 23/10/2007, 09:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Awww thanks! I feel welcome already! I think it's such a beautiful greeting.

      And May is the best time to visit so many places, you know. Plenty of green-eyed people in Éire, I'll feel quite at home I think ;-)

    • At 13/01/2010, 11:23, Blogger Jocosa said…

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