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    9 November 2007
    Autumn in my hometown

    All pictures courtesy of my cousin :^)
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:52 am  
    • At 09/11/2007, 13:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      And it's snowing here already... right now.


      P.S. SOS! Miss you! :-*

    • At 09/11/2007, 14:17, Blogger Taras said…

      I can confirm this information. It did snow here yesterday:)

    • At 09/11/2007, 17:57, Blogger nzm said…


      where is this?

    • At 09/11/2007, 20:12, Blogger ammaro.com said…

      thats neither qatar nor dubai! hmm...

      where are you from?!

    • At 10/11/2007, 01:46, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha can't believe there are some people who think that I am a Khaleejia!

      This is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the greenest city in Europe.


    • At 10/11/2007, 02:22, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      WHHAATT ?~?

      I thought you were from Geece, not the Ukraine.

      Now, I am seriously confused as to this enigmatic Cat's REALY home.

      hrm... ;|

    • At 10/11/2007, 02:22, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      ... meant to say 'real', not 'realy'

    • At 10/11/2007, 11:03, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      owh, I liked it more when it was a mystery..


    • At 10/11/2007, 11:10, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      It is a mystery :P

      Nobody knows where I REALLY come from.

      Just for you, Mattie!

    • At 11/11/2007, 12:28, Blogger ammaro.com said…


      hehe, yes, somehow i actually thought u were a cool qataria living in dubai :p

      thats funky though, definately a destination i want to visit. you can be my guide :D

    • At 11/11/2007, 20:41, Blogger Taras said…

      It's been snowing cats and dogs all through Sunday:)

      And btw, we say Ukraine, not the Ukraine:P

    • At 11/11/2007, 21:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I miss you too :-*


      I hate snow! Can't stand the stuff. Got cold allergies and don't function well when the temp drops below +20.


      Sorry, you'll have to find another guide, I never travel to Ukraine at all. I think the last time I went was in 1997, and only cause there was some business stuff I had to do :^)

    • At 12/11/2007, 20:21, Blogger Taras said…

      Don't you ever miss your hometown:)?

    • At 12/11/2007, 20:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Of course I miss it. But I don't think I will like what is has become. I'd rather cherish the memories of my childhood. I guess don't need to explain to you what I mean :^)

    • At 12/11/2007, 22:27, Blogger Bob said…

      Those pictures look like my backyard. Who's gonna rake all those leaves? Not me!

    • At 13/11/2007, 10:50, Blogger don_veto said…

      Looks beautiful, maybe I will go there someday.

    • At 18/11/2007, 11:04, Blogger ammaro.com said…

      i guess i can understand what you mean... it is sort of sad though...

      im definately going there one day though; would love to trek all across east europe

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