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    26 October 2007

    I love fd's Flickr Toys - and Warholizer is one of my favourites. It was inspired by Warhol's silkscreen paintings of Marilyn. Make one using your best headshot and feel like a movie star! ;-)

    Funny fact: In "Desperate Housewives" saucy Gabrielle owns portraits of herself done in distinctively Warhol-esque style. Andy Warhol died in 1987; Gaby must have been 11 at the time.
    posted by Bravecat @ 8:42 pm  
    • At 28/10/2007, 00:58, Blogger Taras said…

      To be precise, she was three weeks away from 12:)!

      I like Lynette and Susan more, though:P

    • At 28/10/2007, 18:26, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha well I dunno when her birthday is, so there :P

      And my fav is Lynette.

    • At 30/10/2007, 14:11, Blogger Sandie said…

      hey cat! these sites are fantastic!!I have been on them all morning creating picture after picture. Thank you for the tip! If that is your thing, you should check out :www.mrpicassohead.com
      see ya!

    • At 02/11/2007, 04:32, Blogger Mise said…

      Did it..it's fun! Yours? Pure class! :D

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