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    22 October 2007
    And the tennis royalty gets his ass whipped... royally.

    Here's some eye candy for those who couldn't care less about tennis otherwise (that makes all of my readers).

    Anyways yesterday unseeded (but very much in-form) David Nalbandian beat Rodge to the Madrid Masters Series title, which pushed David 7 places up in the rankings. Rodge is so high up in the rankings, this result did not affect his rating at all. Still, it was nice to see Rodge bite the dust for a change. He's an awesome player, no question, but he is just a little too machine-like for my taste. Those who remember THE Schumacher of F1 - Rodge is Schumey of tennis. Rarely does he display any sign of emotion on court. Well yesterday he did roar a few times, which makes me believe he's not such a dreadful cold fish as he seems, after all, and there's hope left for him.

    But Bandy.. he humiliated Rafa (number 2 in the world), demolished Djokovic (number 3) and then simply outfought Federer and got himself a shiny trophy (his first since Estoril in April 2006 and 6th overall). I don't like him much, but much is forgotten now that he has given me the pleasure of watching Federer lose. That was a rare feat indeed ;-)

    Now if only Baghdatis would get his s**t together and start playing a little better, that would be great.

    PS. Ammaro, this is what I mean by tennis post. So now you know.
    posted by Bravecat @ 7:29 pm  
    • At 23/10/2007, 02:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      some people like your tennis posts even if they dont always comment, QC. will you post your prognosis for the masters cup?


    • At 23/10/2007, 09:44, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome to my blog, I never thought my tennis posts had fans, lol. I'll post my Masters Cup predictions once all 8 players qualify, and so far 20 players are still in the race for the remaining places! 3 tournaments to go. Lets see, shall we? :^)

    • At 23/10/2007, 18:28, Blogger Dotsson said…

      As a male reader, I am deeply offended that you didn't include an upskirt picture of Sharapova or someone equally hot :(

    • At 23/10/2007, 20:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Nobody remotely hot is showing any progress in female tennis recently, sorry! And trust me you do NOT want to see an upskirt picture of Justine Henin! You will have nightmares for the rest of your life.

    • At 23/10/2007, 23:23, Blogger Bob said…

      How about a pic of Serena? She's got thighs that could crush a bowling ball.

      I once sat in front of Donald Trump at the US open. Yes that's right I had the better seat!

      My life has been downhill from that moment on ;)

    • At 23/10/2007, 23:46, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      ROFL seriously??? He didn't cash out for some poshy private box? Imagine that...

      As for Serena - didn't she retire in Zurich, first round?? Nothing to brag about there at the moment.

    • At 24/10/2007, 15:20, Blogger ZeRoCoOl said…

      it took agassi (the 17 year old arrogant bonjovi double making canon ads) and sampras (although not arrogant but reserved) a longtime to be humble and thankful. But roger has such an amiable disposition that it hurts to see him lose...

      marcos always comes close but no cigar.

    • At 24/10/2007, 16:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Oh BLAH. Rodge is a machine. At least Agassi and Sampras were fun to watch! What's good about modesty on court? Tennis is a show sport.

      Agree on Marcos though, what a bummer. But he's our only more or less famous person, really. I mean, who else do we have?

    • At 24/10/2007, 21:03, Blogger Bob said…

      What makes you assume I was in the cheap seats?

      As a matter of fact I WAS in one of those poshy private boxes.

      OK the company my dad was working for was a sponsor and some guy who couldn't make it gave my dad the tickets. Otherwise I would have been in the nosebleed section choking on the fumes from the jets that fly over from LaGuardia.

    • At 27/10/2007, 11:56, Blogger tinkerbella said…

      well i dont like tennis but I really liked this post (99.9% percent due to that pic)

    • At 04/11/2007, 17:09, Blogger Marianna said…

      Well, I do not like tennis (when this little lady plays I hit the ball like a baseball pro). But I do do do love the picture. rrrrrrrr

    • At 06/11/2007, 17:03, Blogger ammaro.com said…


      i get a special mention here :D


      ok :p i get what a tennis post is now :p

    • At 10/11/2007, 01:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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