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    5 August 2008
    Would you like to stroke my ... cat?
    Saudi Arabia's religious police have announced a ban on selling cats and dogs as pets, or walking them in public in the Saudi capital, because of men using them as a means of making passes at women, an official said on Wednesday. Othman al-Othman, head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Riyadh, known as the Muttawa, told the Saudi edition of al-Hayat daily that the commission has started enforcing an old religious edict. He said the commission was implementing a decision taken a month ago by the acting governor of the capital, Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz, adding that it follows an old edict issued by the supreme council of Saudi scholars. The reason behind reinforcing the edict now was a rising fashion among some men using pets in public "to make passes on women and disturb families," he said, without giving more details. Othman said that the commission has instructed its offices in the capital to tell pet shops "to stop selling cats and dogs". (Source)
    Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I can hardly imagine a man using his pet cat to disturb a family in public. On the other hand, how socially deprived people should be in order to do something like that? Imagine families stuck at home because they can't venture outside without a man present (who is at work), and kids won't even be able to enjoy the companionship of a family pet! This is just cruel. And what will happen to the animals which were for sale? Will they be put down?
    What else will the authorities take away? How about forbidding families from appearing in public altogether in order to prevent anyone harrassing them?
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:24 pm  
    • At 07/08/2008, 00:36, Blogger Qute said…

      This is just insaneee!!!!! Pple will end up using other means that are too extreme and they will bann them... its all out of fusturation... im fustrated enough reading this article! MY GOD !

    • At 07/08/2008, 07:28, Blogger Brave Cat said…

      Hey Qute, long time no see!!

      Actually, I wouldn't mind the authorities banning my dumb ass neighbour from having a dog - he kicks the pup out to the yard before 6am and the creature starts barking its lungs out! Well, at least I haven't been late for work ever since the idiot got himself a live alarm!

    • At 07/08/2008, 12:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      It sounds so stupid, that even can't imagine how to discuss it. Like from another planet, really.


    • At 09/08/2008, 10:55, Blogger AbbieIsOnFire said…

      Saudi is such a shit hole.

      Honestly, this is what they're doing? Why don't the focus on pedophiles or rapists or something. And not them indian ones either--- the Saudi ones. The ones that 'don't exist.' Sigh.

      "Decaying Saudi Arabia" indeed.

    • At 16/08/2008, 10:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…


      It’s so funny how some one has the courage to call SA as “ a shit hole” while all his people (Qataris) are living on this shit hole place, by shopping, hospitalizing …etc

      What about kicking more than 5000 people with their families (Murah tripe) from Qatar and take the Qatari nationality from them, just because they have another nationality, removing them from their houses, kicking them from their jobs and giving almost 2 weeks notice to leave the country with their families and find some where else to live !? even animals can not be treated like this in a shit hole.

      But I wouldn’t count alot on people their most concern is to own Toyota Land Cruiser, where their life mission accomplished at this point.

      For the main subject and as I didn’t see any official news about it (al-Hayat daily is a Lebanese newspaper), so I’ll not comment it.


    • At 16/08/2008, 21:31, Blogger Brave Cat said…


      Duhh, Abbie KNOWS that. And agrees.

    • At 19/08/2008, 13:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Touchy ??? Who is Touchy ?? :P

      Was it so easy like this to know it's me !!? :P

    • At 19/08/2008, 16:25, Anonymous QatarCat (from Shanghai) said…


      Haha well yes, of course it's easy - you're TOUCHY!

      :P :P

    • At 24/08/2008, 07:51, Blogger aoc gold said…

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