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    8 July 2008
    Pics pics pics!
    As promised, the photos from my work trip to Hong Kong (bunch of random snaps), pics from the trip to the wedding of my friend Frog in Devon and a bunch of Iran shots can all be seen here. Enjoy!

    posted by Bravecat @ 1:14 am  
    • At 08/07/2008, 07:15, Blogger don_veto said…

      At last, a new post from you. What did you get from Iran ? A carpet or Caviar?

    • At 08/07/2008, 10:22, Blogger Brave Cat said…

      Haha well it isn't really a post, is it? I don't think I will POST anytime soon, no time and no inspiration. What I got from Iran, you ask? A book with pictures of all the beautiful places in Iran that I didn't see! :P

    • At 08/07/2008, 22:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Cat, at last! :-*

      No time right now, will come back to watch all photost, but that one from Iran... hahah! You look perfect :-D

      See you soon!


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