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    1 April 2008
    Midnight observations
    1. Serena kicked Henin's ass 62, 60. I could kiss her.
    2. I get about 5 friend requests on Facebook every day, from people I don't know.
    3. RPM classes at my gym rock.
    4. Is it just me, or do the people in Dubai get shallower?
    5. It's summertime!!!
    6. Matt got a BMW for his birthday. Lucky sod!
    7. Today is April Fool's day. I wasn't fooled, didn't try to fool anyone either.
    8. I am re-reading Harry Potter books, on the 6th now. It makes much more sense without a year long gaps between each book!
    9. My new favourite movie is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I almost wet myself laughing.

    I wish you all a great April!

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:03 pm  
    • At 01/04/2008, 23:54, Blogger Bob said…

      If you like Lock, Stock...
      Then go see In Bruges with Colin Farrell. It's really good. But make sure you pronounce it right. The G is a soft G. Else the snooty little girl at the ticket booth might snigger at you like she did me.

    • At 02/04/2008, 15:19, Blogger Mattâ„¢ said…

      RPM ?

      I got fooled by a couple people today, lol, but it was surprisingly prank-less around here considering how much Cody likes to play jokes on people.

      I think thats always been my problem with reading Harry Potter, when I start reading the new one, I can never remember what happened in the last...

      And yes, I am a lucky 'sod', haha. I think you meant to say 's.o.b.' ... ? no ?

    • At 03/04/2008, 07:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Poor you :P Buy tickets online. I do!


      RPM is a cycling class. Very intense.

      And "sod" is a very nice English word. Not so nice when you refer to people who are not your friends though, lol

    • At 03/04/2008, 08:20, Blogger Mattâ„¢ said…

      Oh, the English.

      Meh, far better than the French if you ask me...

      We call them 'spin' classes here, they are very intense indoor-cycling classes where you pay someone to basically yell at you to some intense-techno music and you sweat more than you have every before in a roomful of strangers.

      Cody enjoys them. I think its hilarious that intelligent people actually pay for it.

    • At 03/04/2008, 17:14, Blogger ammaro said…

      im assuming you've already seen snatch, correct?

      yeah, the ridiculous friend requests on facebook

      i dont wanna be your friend, people! just back off!

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