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    8 February 2008
    Weekend with a fat lip
    And it rocks. For the first time I don't have any extra work to catch up on over the weekend. But oh boy, will I be busy over the next couple of weeks? You bet.

    My lip by now is all swollen and I look like a victim of domestic violence, LOL. For those who don't know what happened to me, it was an accident! Had to jump out of one car and into another at the traffic light, smashed the car door in my face while opening it in a hurry. Wonder how I didn't break a tooth or two. My teeth clanked against the car door through the lip! Ouch. Hurt like hell - still does, actually. And of course I had to go back to the office after that, and the entire office gathered around me to have a look. Some kind of a freak show, hehe. The boss invited me to his cabinet and said: "sit here for 10-15 minutes, I'll see how this develops, I bet it'll GET MASSIVE!". Thanks, but no thanks, it was mercifully late in the evening so I went home to see "how this develops".

    The funniest thing is that when I was running towards that other car (a taxi), I looked perfectly normal, and had eye contact with the driver. He didn't know I injured myself while getting into the car. Then, 30 seconds into the ride, I turned to him with my lips and chin all bloodied up, and he panicked! Swerved to the curb across the traffic and went into shock. Took a lot of persuasion to convince him to actually drive me all the way to the office! LOL! I guess the fact that blood was dripping out of my mouth every time I said something didn't have a calming effect on him. The poor guy must have thought I was some kind of vampire, or a very, very sick woman.

    So yeah, I'm only too happy it's a weekend, and I don't have to present myself in front of anybody for a couple of days, and hopefully it will look better come Sunday :P
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:31 pm  
    • At 08/02/2008, 16:11, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Good for you!
      Rest for the new week and have fun and not doing homework!

    • At 09/02/2008, 01:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Oh man that HAD to hurt. BIG OUCH!

    • At 09/02/2008, 13:50, Blogger Amish Vajpayee said…

      shh or else we'll have a 100 mandatory classes on 'how to hop a car in uae'

    • At 11/02/2008, 00:03, Blogger Dotsson said…


    • At 11/02/2008, 22:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      The new week has just started, and I am already knackered! Too much work, too much responsibility, not enough time, coming home to collapse and dream of getting some more sleep on weekend.


      It sure did. It's ok now tho, and even the swelling's gone down. Phew!


      Do you know one end of the car from another? No? Didn't think so.


      Check your inbox.

      ROFL nah just kidding/

    • At 12/02/2008, 04:28, Blogger Taras said…

      You must've been in a world of hurt:(!

      I once nearly fractured my jaw on trolley route #20 (Lavra-Tolstogo) when the driver hit the brakes and I kissed the handle.

    • At 12/02/2008, 12:26, Blogger nzm said…

      Ouch, ouch, ouch!!

      I hope that you're recoevering well.

    • At 13/02/2008, 00:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I wouldn't mind a fat upper lip but through something other than it being hit...still big ouch!

    • At 14/02/2008, 08:31, Blogger tinkerbella said…

      ouch!!!!!!! i hate injuring anything on my face, cuz of cosmetic reasons and also cuz for some freakin reason, anything on your face HURTS LIKE HELL!!

      hope it feels better now

    • At 14/02/2008, 21:20, Blogger ammaro said…

      i can picture the guys reaction! looool... thats pretty damn funny.

      but sad on your side, yes. im sorry. i shouldnt be laughing.


      sorry, its just really funny :p

      what the hell were you doing jumping from one car to the other in the middle of the road anyway?

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