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    2 February 2008
    Back from Egypt
    I fell in love with Cairo.

    That was unexpected, never liked it much before.

    Will go back there in a few weeks time - anybody cares to recommend good Egyptian wine? That was the only drawback: they served Egyptian wine and nothing else everywhere I went, and since I am not an expert I tried a couple (not all that, to put it nicely) and then stuck to water. Beer is not an option for me.

    posted by Bravecat @ 9:17 am  
    • At 02/02/2008, 20:24, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      I didn't even know Egypt MADE wine.

    • At 03/02/2008, 14:15, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Me either:S

      Is it good...besides not giving anything else except wine?WAS THE WINE GOOD?

    • At 03/02/2008, 17:02, Blogger ammaro said…

      welcome back, glad you had a good time! :)

      ive never been to egypt but its fun to visit... not to live, but to visit :p again, depends where you go in egypt also... were you in cairo? or sharm el shaik?

    • At 03/02/2008, 19:24, Blogger we, the homo-Asexuals said…

      ditto (m)att

    • At 03/02/2008, 21:24, Blogger Cairogal said…

      Hey QC! Didn't know you went to Egypt. "Good" and "Egyptian wine" don't really belong in the same sentence. Tolerable, but it often varied from bottle to bottle. They had a sparkling wine that was pretty decent.

      Didn't ancient Egyptians invent wine?

      A little known fact: THe biggest consumers of Egyptian wine and beer are....Egyptian taxi and truck drivers.

    • At 03/02/2008, 21:26, Blogger Cairogal said…

      As for living in Egypt vs. visiting...I think had I visited the country before taking a job there I never would have considered it. I think Egypt can be quite challenging for tourists. At least expat get a chance to settle in, seek advice on how to overcome things like being ripped off and the like.

    • At 03/02/2008, 21:31, Blogger Cairogal said…

      Re: the wine

      Many places will allow you a corking fee if you bring in something they don't serve. Shouldn't be more than 20-50 LE depending on the restaurant.
      GRand Marquis is considered the better quality one of the reds.Cru de Ptolemees was the only white available. I was never much of a fan of Omar Khayamm.

    • At 04/02/2008, 07:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Every Mediterranean country makes wine. Goes with the territory. But Egypt wine is probably the worst! Oh well, I don't know whether Libyan wine is worse than Egyptian, never tried it before.


      Wine was crap. I wish they served at least some Italian or New World wines with that great food! Or made better local ones.


      I was in Cairo, and going back there in about 3 weeks time. It's dirty, crazy and I loved it.

      We the HA,

      Hello :P


      Wow thanks for all the info! I can see what you mean, and probably I'd get too frustrated actually living there, but I loved the time I spent in Cairo. Mainly I guess because I had local people take me places and I never really had to try and do anything on my own, other than my actual job. From the moment I stepped out of the plane to the moment I checked in on my flight back to Dubai there were our local colleagues to help me out with everything. And I didn't go shopping so never had a chance of being ripped off! :)

      As for the wine - I tried one red and one white and that was it.

    • At 04/02/2008, 07:31, Blogger Cairogal said…

      "Mainly I guess because I had local people take me places and I never really had to try and do anything on my own"

      Absolutely a much better experience if you have people there that you know and/or are comfortable w/ travel in the region.

    • At 04/02/2008, 18:32, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Cat(In greek)
      San to kipriako krasi en exi!!!
      Like Cypriot wine no other!!!:P

    • At 04/02/2008, 18:48, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I think it applies to pretty much everywhere... and especially to places like Egypt ;-)


      Symfonw apolytos! Protimw to Kypriako! Alla den to briskeis edw sto Dubai dystixos.

    • At 04/02/2008, 19:22, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Kane eisagoges sto Dubai!Tha petixi!!!

    • At 04/02/2008, 19:27, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Xaxa nai re, pws kai den to skeftika?

      Ante na kanoume business mazi! Eisagoges alkool sti mousoulmanikh xwra. Yperoxa!


    • At 04/02/2008, 19:31, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      signomi epelana se alla epiaes to email ....?Ides to link sou mes to blog m?

    • At 04/02/2008, 19:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Den me epellanes, silly :P

      To email pou to esteiles? Den to eida

    • At 04/02/2008, 19:48, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Sto Yahoo sou!

      Evala kenourgia pics ton skilon an thelis na dis.....K des to link sto The blogs I read!

    • At 04/02/2008, 19:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK to vrika! Sto Spam folder. Eida kai ta skillakia :)

      Catch ya later!


    • At 04/02/2008, 20:07, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Pou en na ertis...pws me vrikes?to blog?

    • At 04/02/2008, 20:48, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Vrika to email sou :)

    • At 04/02/2008, 20:53, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Oxi....apo ton septevri
      pws vrikes to blog...google...pws evales panicos794.blogspot.com:P

    • At 04/02/2008, 22:50, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Xaxa oxi vre, den thymamai pws se vrika. Apantisa "Other" sto quiz sou. Mallon epsaksa sto Blogger gia Cyprus blogs h kati tetoio.

    • At 04/02/2008, 22:53, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      ela na sou pw...den katalava ti m ipes sto email gia ta forums!!!

      Mporis na to 3anapis?

    • At 04/02/2008, 23:12, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Oxi :P

      Alla mporeis na vreis to forum mou edw an theleis na to deis.


    • At 04/02/2008, 23:31, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Kalinixta k signomi gia ta polla comments! Katalava oti me varethikes!
      Wraio forum!!!

    • At 05/02/2008, 06:56, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Den se varethika katholou :)
      Aplos imoun poli kourasmeni. Itan arga. Exoume kai diafora wras!

      Kalimera :)

      Steile osa comments theleis :)

    • At 05/02/2008, 18:14, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      Hi everyone!
      Posi wra diafora ine?

    • At 05/02/2008, 19:37, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      2 hours!

    • At 05/02/2008, 20:17, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      KK cat...speak 2morow cz I have alot of HW!:@

      Can I join your forums or is it only for Dubai people?

    • At 05/02/2008, 21:21, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Awww sweetie! Homework! :)

      Of course you can join our forum, but I'm afraid you'll find it boring. There are very few members. We do have fun there though! People on the forum are all from different parts of the world.

    • At 13/02/2008, 15:07, Blogger Hakim Toutounji said…

      "Cape Bay" is by far the best wine in Egypt.

      It is a Merlot with south African grapes.

      Hard to find but the only decent one you can have in the country

    • At 16/02/2008, 12:47, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks a lot! I'll look it up.

    • At 29/02/2008, 12:46, Blogger BCA said…

      Hi Cat, first time i actually comment ur blog.

      Last year in 2007, i went for the first time to Cairo and I had heard a lot of bad reviews from people in Dubai so I was really amazed at how much fun I had.

      True, i was lucky to have people with me that knew Cairo and Alexandria. The food was generally good, I don't drink wine but my friends made negative comments about it. I loved the beer though like Stella (no relation whatsoever with the belgian beer with the same name !!!).

      I went in March, it was a great experience. I recommend it to people...and about being ripped off, it is not any different to other north african country. Same rules apply...take the price down until u are satisfied and if not walk away. All in all, prices are low compared to Europe or even UAE.

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