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    11 January 2008
    Must be nice this time of the year. I wish I could go too.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:08 am  
    • At 11/01/2008, 14:51, Blogger ammaro said…

      i need to fly away for a while too! :(

      maybe i meet you in dubai airport and we take a week off there?

      no honestly, thailand is really nice... im not sure about this time of year; i went in the summer sometime back in 98; beaches were amazing but bangkok was a little humid for my liking

    • At 11/01/2008, 16:51, Anonymous QC said…


      Sorry, have to pass on that. I don't fly to exotic locations with strange men!


    • At 11/01/2008, 19:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      What means TOO?
      Who is going?!!

      Me studing hard, for example :-/
      But the weather is becoming warmer, so soon no need to go to Thailand :-D


    • At 12/01/2008, 09:56, Anonymous QC said…


      When will you finally finish studying???

      Someone I know went to Thailand... and I am stuck in Dubai. It's raining here, and now that I am looking outside I can see that the water stays on the darn balcony - have to clean the drains! Argh!

    • At 12/01/2008, 10:54, Blogger frogman said…

      Thailand is awesome this time of year, yes the weather is a bit on the humid side, but nothing we aren't used to hear in the gulf. ;)

      Hi QC... *waves furiously*

    • At 12/01/2008, 14:13, Anonymous QC said…


      And here I thought you were just one of those lost souls who get married and disappear from the face of the internet world!

      Glad to be wrong on your account :P

      *waves back excitedly*

    • At 13/01/2008, 07:22, Blogger Cairogal said…

      Tell me about it...I need some time away! At least you've got the gorgeous "winter" weather in Dubai. BTW, QC, looks like we're headed back in your general direction...maybe by August?

    • At 14/01/2008, 11:11, Anonymous QC said…


      Awesome news! About time we met :)

    • At 15/01/2008, 18:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Soon :)

      Yesterday had the last one of simple exams.
      Got excellent :-P
      *pohvalite devochku* :-D

      Then one GOS & main project.

      That's all.

      But I already think what to do with my life, with my stupid life :-(

      Will go to Thailand together? :)))

    • At 15/01/2008, 21:07, Blogger Bob said…

      My God, You Greek tennis fans are wild. It ain't a party till someone gets sprayed with tear gas!



    • At 17/01/2008, 08:10, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      you think Thailand is nice this time of year?
      honey, you live in Dubai.. weather wise- that ain't nothin to complain about!
      if someone needs some sunshine, it would be this Confused Arab Chick- she's already getting pasty whitey

    • At 17/01/2008, 16:33, Blogger ammaro said…

      whats so strange about me?

      did you go to thailand? youve been away long enough for us to assume that you did!

    • At 17/01/2008, 17:39, Blogger nzm said…

      Hey QC!

      Just watched your mate Marcos Baghdatis deal to Marat Safin in the best 5 sets of tennis that I have seen for a long time.

      Truly, truly awesome.

    • At 18/01/2008, 11:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Anonymous Sever,

      With you I'd go to Thailand anytime :) Good luck with all the GOSes and other exams! Let me know how it goes.


      The funniest part was when all the Greek & Cypriot fans showed up at the next game already wearing the masks!


      Sunshine? What sunshine? Rained cats & dogs here for a week, everything is flooded, city came to a standstill. One would wonder how with all the money in the world, they didn't have enough to put a decent drainage system in! The construction quality is appalling. Thailand sounds very good to me!


      Nothing strange about you, lol, but I don't know you! As for me being away - I did warn people that I don't have time for blogging!


      Yeah! Wasn't it fab?? I felt really sorry for Marat though. But did you see the femmes he showed up with??

      Thinking of it - Bag has much better chances of advancing further in the tournament though. Had Marat won, my bet would be on him losing badly in the next round to some nobody. He loves doing that.

    • At 18/01/2008, 11:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Apologies to Lleyton Hewitt - haha this one is NOT a nobody. Will be another interesting game to watch!

    • At 18/01/2008, 16:14, Blogger nzm said…

      Oh yeah, looking forward to the Marcos/Lleyton match tomorrow!

      Right now, watching Kohlschreiber/Roddick and it's pretty even.

      Unfortunately they've tried to deal to Baghdatis off the court by playing a YouTube video in which he and some of his friends/fans are lighting flares and chanting "Turks go Home".

      The Turkish Cypriot Society is demanding that he apologise! The Greeks are coming out and backing Baghdatis, saying that his comments are aimed at the Turkish army, not the ordinary Turkish Cypriots.

      Badhdatis is refusing to apologise, saying that he was defending his country!

      Of course, no one here really understands what happened in Cyprus in 1974, although they did show a little bit of the history today in the news.

      Hopefully Marcos will be able to forget about it and concentrate on beating Hewitt.

    • At 18/01/2008, 17:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      WHAT? I didn't know about that! Have to look it up. Agree with what you say, sport and politics shouldn't mix. Luckily, there are no decent Turkish men on tour, or it could have been really ugly.

    • At 31/01/2008, 23:29, Blogger Panicos Demetriou said…

      My uncle(my mum's side) lives in Thailand...I am going there for 2 weeks at the summer!!!:)
      Wish u could come:P

    • At 03/02/2008, 22:37, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for the invite! I might just take you up on that, you never know :P What a surprise that would be for your uncle! LOL!

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