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    15 December 2007
    Yes, I succumbed. Again.

    You can find me as QatarCat Qitty.

    Knock yourselves out!!

    posted by Bravecat @ 10:13 am  
    • At 15/12/2007, 11:03, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      I added you, Yippee !

      Facebook is slowly taking over the world, although I totally think its a fad, its like Beanie Babies, it'll be over in a couple years... just you wait and see.

      Although, it is addictive

    • At 15/12/2007, 16:49, Blogger don_veto said…

      What is facebook? Is it a dating site ?

    • At 15/12/2007, 19:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Trying to deal with it.
      Don't know why I don't use it.
      May be later.


      P.S. but are added anyway :-D :-*

    • At 15/12/2007, 19:28, Anonymous QC said…

      Facebook is a "social networking site" of sorts, it's a total fad, and I am not addicted in the least. It is not a dating site per se, although it may well be used as one. Just like most internet sites.


      It's nice to check out new pics of people who I don't get to meet very often. And its kinda kewl to browse around if you have time (which I don't).

    • At 17/12/2007, 20:18, Blogger Dotsson said…

      qc: Is that you Qatar Cat? And if it is Qatar Cat, then why aren't you logged in with your user name? We have an intruder here!

    • At 17/12/2007, 21:58, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yeah yeah don't worry, was me. Trust me, if it wasn't, I'd delete the comment! I have a few other id's and sometimes when I am about to post the comment I see that I am logged in under another nick, and I can't be bothered to logout and login again, so I just click on Nickname button and type QC :^)

    • At 18/12/2007, 06:47, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      Lol, QC, your like a schizophrenic blogger... or... different user accounts, eh ?...

      Why not just have one ID ? Does this mean you operate multiple blogs ? Are you out there as different personalities !?

      I smell a conspiracy ! Your not really a Cat, and you don't really live in the Gulf, and those aren't your parents !? Your some teenager from Nebraska with way too much time on his hands, and a schizophrenic disposition !!!

      Who is the REAL QC ? We demand the truth !

      We DESERVE the truth.

      p.s. the fact that your facebook profile also says nothing about the real you, and is entirely secretive does not help with my paranoid approach to this !!!

    • At 23/12/2007, 23:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Hahaha Mattie yeah I wish I were that mysterious! There is no other blog, and I've never been to Nebraska (should I go visit?)

      Alas, there is a simple explanation to all this. I created a few different Gmail accounts for work - I place tons of ads in the newspaper and to keep track of the applicants I use different Gmail addresses. So whenever I check any of those, my login info is stored and if I open my blog afterwards, I am logged in as one of my new Gmail identities. Annoying, so I might switch to Yahoo for work! LOL

    • At 07/01/2008, 11:07, Blogger Amanda Lyn said…

      But, but... Yahoo sucks! The organization of gmail suits a work setting much better.

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