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    8 December 2007
    Любэ (Russian band I really like) "cooperates" with Arnold and ACDC and the result is ass-kicking, fiery and addictive! I've been watching this all day today ;-)

    Way better than the original!
    posted by Bravecat @ 5:05 pm  
    • At 09/12/2007, 02:10, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      If you spend all day watching Videos on YouTube, then you most certainly have time to post a blog entry, and I am happy to see that you have done just that !


      And you said you were leaving me, ha !

    • At 09/12/2007, 02:13, Blogger [m]att™ said…


      After watching the video, I must disagree. The original is much better, WHAT was with the accordion(sp?) in the background ?!

      Our tastes are clearly different, lol


    • At 09/12/2007, 06:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      ROFL Mattie!

      1. I was never gonna leave you.
      2. You KNOW our tastes are different.
      3. To fully appreciate this video you have to speak Russian and understand the role of the accordion in the background!


    • At 09/12/2007, 10:57, Blogger don_veto said…

      I like Mr. Credo and Via Gra ;-)

    • At 09/12/2007, 15:40, Blogger Taras said…

      Not that I'm a big fan of Любэ, but...back in 1990/91, when the USSR was about to buck the kicket, and I was in grade 4-5, their smash hits "Батька Махно" and "Атас" were all the rage in our school.

    • At 09/12/2007, 16:17, Blogger ammaro.com said…

      that does sound cool. how do you pronounce Любэ ?

      i mean, looking at it from here it sounds like nhetotei


    • At 09/12/2007, 18:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I listen to them sometimes.
      At least they are much better than Russian popsa :-P

      Remember "Atas" & "Ne valyai duraka, Amerika!"?
      So cool! :)))

      VIA.Gra - hahah! Men are the same anywhere & everywhere :-D


    • At 09/12/2007, 20:24, Blogger Bob said…

      You like this stuff?
      You must be way weirder than I first imagined. LOL
      Of course I mean that in the best way possible.

    • At 09/12/2007, 20:32, Blogger don_veto said…

      Sever? Is that you ? where did you disappear ?

    • At 10/12/2007, 12:47, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      "Buck the kicket" ?

    • At 11/12/2007, 17:41, Blogger Dotsson said…

      Dotsson does not understand anything.

    • At 14/12/2007, 10:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      You LIKE them? ROFL!


      I love Любэ. I guess most of it comes from being an expat, really. Like, I wouldn't give Shufutinsky a second thought on a good day, but still sometimes he does it for me!


      It's pronounced "Liubay" and means nothing, at least to me. I believe the name comes from a small town near Moscow, Liubertsy, then again maybe not.


      They are way better than popsa which I never listen to. And yeah I like the America song too! I'll prolly post some more.


      And that comes from a guy who thought I was a 90 year old cat lady? So, I'm weirder than THAT? Thanks!


      Cucking falamity!


      It happens :P

    • At 14/12/2007, 13:01, Blogger don_veto said…

      How can you not like this pesni ?


      or this one?


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