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    24 December 2007

    Meow Xmas, one and all!!

    Oh and by the way, to all my friends and others who sent me "best wishes" last Xmas - nothing materialised, therefore this Xmas please send money, champagne or presents!
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:42 pm  
    • At 24/12/2007, 23:45, Anonymous Baj said…

      Eid mubarak, merry xmas, happy kwanzaa, happy hannukah and happy new years! Oh and from me you get hugs and kisses! :-*

    • At 25/12/2007, 10:45, Blogger ammaro.com said…

      meeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyy christmaaaaaaaas :D and if anyone else is sending money or gifts, send some my way too please!

    • At 25/12/2007, 17:24, Anonymous Loki said…

      Schloppy cat Xmas kisses to you, QC. :*

    • At 25/12/2007, 17:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Vodka os spirit.


    • At 27/12/2007, 05:03, Anonymous The Rendezvous said…

      Hey, Nice posts,

      By the way, I go everywhere and find arabic cat blogs.what is funny with the cats here in the gulf..u, Qatari cat, Miss cat, gulfcat, so many cats...

      Lolz and you can write some ussian stuff...?

      Well done...

    • At 28/12/2007, 15:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Haha thanks, I'm choosing Xmas and New Year out of the multiple choice options :P And hugs and kisses, of course!


      You get money and gifts for Eid, leave Xmas to me! :P


      How's Xmas on the beach?? One day, one day! :)


      I only drink wine, so now you know :)


      Hey, I never noticed that about cats, lol. Only I am not an Arab. I can write Russian because it is one of my mother (rather father, lol) tongues.

    • At 01/01/2008, 21:45, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      I love getting money for Christmas ! Its the best, cause then you can use it on Boxing Day !!

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