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    18 January 2008
    What dreams may come

    Dreams are a strange place. We are different people in our dreams. We are with different people in our dreams. We love, we hate, we run, we fly, we cry in our dreams and most often than not we wake up oblivious to the drama we played a central role in just minutes ago. We enter strange houses, we are placed into the weirdest of situations, and they all make perfect sense to us in our dreams - until we wake up and realise we can't piece it all together anymore, and wonder at the weirdest of things we have said, done and seen.

    There is a guy at work I don't like. Nothing wrong with him, but he is not the person I would like to go for lunch with. He makes me feel uncomfortable. He looks at me as if trying to say "I don't know why you are here". We don't work on any projects together, we are in different departments in the office, but our paths cross quite often in the building. We are always nice and polite to each other, but every such meeting leaves me with a bitter aftertaste - I don't like the way he makes me feel.

    All that changed overnight.

    Two days ago I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was sitting alone on a bench in the park, and there was a fireplace next to me. The coal was cracking in the fire and I edged towards the fireplace to keep warm. Suddenly, a woman appeared out of thin air - don't you wonder at how people just appear in your dreams? I didn't see her approaching, I didn't hear her footsteps, she was just there and she was not a friendly type. She sat on my bench, pushing me further away from the fireplace, taking in all the warmth by herself. I was devastated. I was crying and feeling miserable. Then suddenly, there was this guy from work, standing right in front of me, asking me what was wrong. I complained about that evil woman who took my place on the bench, and without any hesitation, he walked to the fireplace, scooped two handfuls of burning coals and dropped them on her lap! I felt vindicated. We walked away together, that guy and me, towards the morning and the sound of my alarm clock. I woke up feeling very happy and a little in love.

    When we happened to see each other in the office that day, I smiled at him remembering the dream, he smiled back, we went our separate ways. I looked at him over my shoulder, saw him walking away, and realised that meeting him made me feel good. He popped into my office to ask me something during the day, and I enjoyed talking to him. I made the conversation last a few seconds more than necessary, just to take in the sight of the person I'd disliked, and now felt absolutely fine about. He is not going to become my friend, and I will never tell him about the dream, but I wouldn't mind going out for lunch with him and his group now. I refused so many times before I don't think they'll ask me again, but if they do - I'll definitely say yes. If only to check whether he has burns all over his hands! ;-)

    There must be something in hypnotherapy, after all.
    posted by Bravecat @ 11:20 am  
    • At 18/01/2008, 14:17, Blogger don_veto said…

      I am sure he will know about your dream if he reads your blog.

      I don't remember my dreams, only when they happen in real life. That's right, most of my dreams are predictions. I might be clairvoyant, but only when I am asleep.

    • At 18/01/2008, 14:41, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      Even if he knows that I have a blog, and manages to find it, he'll never know I wrote about him! Fortunately, there are 50 guys in the office, and my post could be about any of them!

      As for it being a prediction - I dunno, I am not big on office romance!


    • At 18/01/2008, 15:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      lucky guy... maybe he loves you and didnt know how to approach you? And now your dreams did it for him? ;-)

    • At 18/01/2008, 18:51, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      What a lovely dream !

      I love dreams like that, when you wake up smiling...

      and umm, aren't you married ?

    • At 18/01/2008, 18:53, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Are you implying that married people don't dream when they sleep??? :P

    • At 19/01/2008, 00:16, Anonymous Max said…

      Not so long ago I dreamed about U - but even in my dreams U were saying no to me!!


    • At 19/01/2008, 13:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Wanted to say that you are crazy, but can't stop laughing at previous comment :-D :)))
      What a stubborn lady you are!
      I'm not alone :-D

      But if to be serious... you are lucky to have such dreams which can handle your life.

      Don't remember I had any like that.
      Only destroying ones :-/


    • At 19/01/2008, 16:44, Blogger ammaro said…

      dreams are freaky... do you realize you're dreaming when you're dreaming? hehe, yes i know about that waking up, a little in love, feeling :)

      here, you might find ths interesting: http://ammar456.blogspot.com/2007/08/dreams-reality.html

    • At 19/01/2008, 17:42, Blogger Taras said…

      Sometimes, our dreams provide reams of valuable insights into our daily lives.

      It's funny how misplaced our ingrained beliefs may often be if we base them on the self-deceiving prophecy of first impressions.

    • At 20/01/2008, 22:53, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Quit complaining. You were running after someone else at the same time :P And yes, I knew.


      When you get your life back on track, you'll start having nice dreams too :)


      LOL thanks for the link!


      I can rely on you always to make a lovely philosophical statement! I agree that our first impressions are often wrong, and yet we tend to base the judgements on them!

    • At 22/01/2008, 14:42, Blogger frogman said…

      nice post QC. that's all I can say lol. very useless i know.

    • At 23/01/2008, 06:41, Anonymous Baj said…

      I dreamt I was thin and when I woke up I saw my worst nightmare...that I was fat!! :*(

    • At 23/01/2008, 18:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      That was an interesting dream and all they are is our brains sorting through data and images we have processed. I myself have great oscar winning dreams in color and wish they would never end. My dream self has a great time and wish my real life was more exciting! :^)

    • At 25/01/2008, 19:54, Anonymous Qatar Cat said…


      LOL thanks anyways!


      Ummm.... gym?


      Oscar winning dreams? That sounds interesting :) I don't have nice dreams that often, it's nightmares for me, but once every now and then I do get to enjoy a pleasant dream. Nothing Oscar worthy though. Thanks for stopping by!

    • At 28/01/2008, 06:41, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      hey, no tennis post? with djokovic and the ali guy making waves down under, i hoped to see one here! :)

    • At 01/02/2008, 08:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Lost & Found,

      Hey there, mate! Long time no see. That's what married life does to you, eh? :P

      No time for tennis. I think I only caught 4 matches all in all. Saw Shara win - that was great.

    • At 04/02/2008, 01:55, Blogger Sandie said…

      Hey! it was great bumping in to you but oh dear...of all the places...Carrefour. I am a bit out of focus these days because of my pregnancy, always day dreaming, my jaw dropped later once I realised who you were...Incredible.
      Your dream was very sweet and uplifting, by the way.

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