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    17 March 2008
    I can't open my blog. I can't open anyone's blog, to be precise. Only applies to Blogspot blogs by the way. I wonder what's wrong, because people are telling me that they can open blogs just fine, but I can't - not at home, not even at work (not that I have time to open blogs at work, but I tried just to see if I could). It pisses me off. I won't even be able to see THIS post after I post it.

    I am off to Egypt again in a few hours, more work to do, and I haven't had enough sleep in a month as my mom was here and we couldn't help staying up late every night. I won't get any sleep in Egypt (if my previous experience is anything to go by), so I'm kinda looking forward to being back just in time for a long weekend - Thursday is the prophet's birthday and Sunday is Easter. The only time I really enjoy religion is when I get days off.

    Tennis is going great. Fed is yet to win a title, and Shara is yet to lose a match, and that's the best result I could hope for. Now if only Nadal would impress me by defending his Pacific Open title, I'd be in tennis heaven.

    Work is... well... WORK. All-consuming activity. Still in love with my job, even though the stress level is rather high for my liking. Boss says I should go to the gym every day to deal with it, apparently it helps. Might give it a try.

    I was reading this blog (NOT Blogspot) the other day, and the blogger was describing his most sexy car moment. It got me thinking about my most sexy car moment. There was this someone who always drove very sensibly. Seatbelt, indicators, speed control, the lot. And one day he gets a new car at work, and we take it for a spin. That one time he drove the car like there was no tomorrow. Pushing 200 and flashing all the stray cars out of his way, going crazy and really enjoying it. Grown up man acting like a fearless kid. I was undone. Apparently, speed and good guys gone crazy really turn me on. Le sigh...

    Last embarrassing moment: Watching "Rumour has it..." with mom, and during THAT scene in the airplane, she asks me whether I'm a member of a Mile High Club. "Err... what's a Mile High Club, mommy???"

    Last significant achievement: A week ago I finally managed to get to Wafi without getting lost in Sharjah first.

    Ok, gotta run, boys and girls. I won't be able to read comments (if there will be any) on the blog, but I get copies in my email, so do comment! I want to hear from you.

    posted by Bravecat @ 7:21 am  
    • At 17/03/2008, 09:05, Blogger The Zoal said…

      Maybe that explains why almost everyone in Qatar drives like a fearless kid, its a mating call...

    • At 17/03/2008, 19:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Auntie, just smsed you.
      I see, it was too late :-D
      You are already THERE.

      You are a crazy woman.
      For a lot a lot of reasons :-P

      & by the way, as you see I can read your blog also.

      Miss you,
      S. :-*

    • At 17/03/2008, 22:31, Blogger don_veto said…

      Hey! good to hear from you again. I was wondering what happened to you. Have fun in Egypt, but don't drink the water from the Nile.

    • At 18/03/2008, 16:23, Blogger Panicos said…

      Wow Catty posted:P

      Just joking, love your posts:) NICE to see you posting again !

      Have good time in Egypt and we talk again!

    • At 23/03/2008, 16:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ha!! I can open blogs again! Yay!

    • At 24/03/2008, 13:09, Blogger ammaro said…

      oh wierd, someone else had the same blogspot issue, from dubai. hmmm.. guess u guys had server issues or something.

      sexy car moment... mmm, driving with my car, convertible top down, blasting around 200 on a freezing night with the mist/fog a little above me, place was cold, humid, a little, beautiful feeling

    • At 29/03/2008, 14:10, Blogger Taras said…

      Some public employees will have nine Easter days off in Ukraine. (This year, we celebrate Easter on April 27.)

      Enjoy your holidays:)!

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