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    21 April 2008
    What are your favourite nuts?
    I am going nuts already and it's only 10am. Started the day by writing a text message asking to reschedule my first appointment... and instead of my assistant, I sent it to my ex. Awesomeness. Got a reply back thankfully, so still had the time to resend it to the right person and reschedule. Ugh this is what happens when you have a gazillion numbers stored in your phone and when you text and drive. If my ex is reading this by any wild chance - I already apologised, but I hope you can see the hilariousness of it and not hold it against me! I didn't do it on purpose, swear!

    In other news, I am off to Hong Kong for work and guess what? I will have one whole day free thanks to the flight schedule! Anybody been to Hong Kong? What should I see? Where should I go? All suggestions welcome. I just talked to the Italian dude from my department (many of you know about the Italian dude, ROFL), and when I said "Hong Kong" he exploded with "Bellissimo!!" Haha..

    And my favourite nuts are coconuts.

    :P :P

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    posted by Bravecat @ 9:31 am  
    • At 21/04/2008, 12:48, Anonymous Goochie said…

      Italian dude! He is still alive? I thought he went back to Italy. LMAO! I will ask my collegue from HK where to go and what you should see, sure he knows what to recommend.

      What ex are you talking about?? THAT ex?

    • At 21/04/2008, 15:09, Blogger Talent said…

      Your a nutcase Cat, seriously. You keep the digits of all your ex boyfriends in your phone?

    • At 21/04/2008, 19:53, Blogger nzm said…

      Coconuts followed by Cashews and Almonds.

      In Hong Kong:
      ~ Railway up to Victoria Peak - time in so that you go up late in the day and then stay while the lights come on.
      ~ Ferry across to Kowloon - really cheap and Kowloon is awesome to walk around.
      ~ Just wander through the streets!

    • At 21/04/2008, 22:01, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah the Italian dude is still alive and well.

      What difference does it make what ex? Do you know any of them? :P


      Well don't you like it that I keep yours? Oh yes I forgot we never dated! LMAO jealous much?


      Finally someone who makes sense. Thanks for the tips! Will try to do all of that and see if I can take half decent pics.

    • At 22/04/2008, 09:51, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I am changing my number =]


    • At 22/04/2008, 10:23, Blogger Talent said…

      We never dated cause I never asked. But it doesnt bother me when you send me texts by mistake. Do you do that with everyone?

    • At 22/04/2008, 11:26, Blogger Wardat_il'7leej said…

      What Italian dude?

      EMAIL NOW!

    • At 22/04/2008, 20:24, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha well there is a certain appeal in not being able to check your blog from work, there is always something to look forward to at home :P


      You know you won't :)


      Unfortunately, I do it quite often, I got this new horrible HTC Touch Dual phone and it doesn't make my life easy! I keep sending empty messages to people as well. Will stick to Nokia after this one, it's just annoying.


      You know which Italian dude :P

    • At 23/04/2008, 04:23, Blogger i*maginate said…

      U terrible. coconuts my fave answer till u dished the dirt.

      I like brazillian nuts - they have some kind of nutritional benefit - healthy oil is one.

    • At 23/04/2008, 09:14, Blogger don_veto said…

      never been to honk kong but always ask what you are being served, you might end up eating dogs or cats by mistake.

      Ex? does it mean you are available?

      And my favorite nuts are cashews.

    • At 24/04/2008, 01:03, Blogger Yasmine said…

      LOL.... what a great mistake... lol.. just can't get over it... something similar happened to me a long time ago... I sent a text message to an old "friend" accidentally... trust me it was embarrassing. so I just decided to just erase the people I am not in good terms with.

      my favorite nuts are: cashews and macademian :D

    • At 24/04/2008, 07:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      So your fave nuts were coconuts until I dished the dirt, and now you prefer brazilian nuts? :P LOL

      Don Veto,

      I was told to stick to well cooked through cantonese seafod, lol. And as for the ex - no I am not available, silly. I am just on good terms with a couple of ex boyfriends. See, we don't have a culture of marrying the first man we date :P


      It was embarrassing, yeah, and lately people tell me that my phone dials them when I am not aware of it, AND when it is supposed to be on keylock! I should start storing outdated numbers in actual address books as I'll never be able to just delete them, lol.

    • At 27/04/2008, 09:54, Anonymous belishabeacon said…

      HongKong! I loves HK. Things to see: Victoria Peak. If you have a full day, try going to Llama island. It's a city for walking, where you can find bargains everywhere. Knock yourself out haggling!

      Have fun fun fun.

    • At 03/05/2008, 17:57, Blogger ren_crow said…

      i'm almost tempted to make an obscene joke...but i wont.

    • At 24/08/2008, 07:50, Blogger aoc gold said…

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      Flower in the crannied wall,

      I pluck you out of the crannies,

      I hold you here, root and all, in my hand,

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      I should know what God and man is.

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