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    28 May 2008
    No comment

    I nearly died laughing.

    Source: Desert Girl
    posted by Bravecat @ 7:23 am  
    • At 28/05/2008, 08:43, Blogger frogman said…

      ok seriously, how can they every call the people who conducted this study "researchers".. a group of monkeys with a white board and pens sounds more accurate..

      that makes absolutely no sense..

      hi QC *waves furiously*

    • At 28/05/2008, 23:56, Blogger Bob said…

      Here is my grade 3 teacher
      My Ms Bradley.
      What a hotty. At the time I was too young to know what exactly was alluring me to her. As much as I appreciated her short skirts I never wanted to wear one. BTW, it was the dog who chewed up the photo, not me.


    • At 29/05/2008, 09:53, Blogger ren_crow said…

      Ha ha ha i think it should be retitled as "An excuse to get men more jobs".

    • At 29/05/2008, 18:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      It's Arabs. Funny as usual!


    • At 30/05/2008, 01:28, Blogger Mattâ„¢ said…


      And once upon a time, the Arab world was more advanced and educated than the Christian one.

      Sadly, this is CLEARLY not the case anymore.

      The truly depressing thing, is that people actually read this drivel and believe it. I also LOVE how the article reported no actual scientific facts or data, or the way this was conducted.

      Sigh... trying not to rant...

    • At 30/05/2008, 02:40, Anonymous Yasmine said…

      oh my talk about male domination... Just another excuse to be chauvinistic... those dudes need a good reality check... I have had many female instructors and male instructors. so i don't feel incline to being a lesbian in any way...

      I was literally what the *&%$! Can this also apply to mothers... maybe men should find an alternative to breast feed so that their children don't come out homosexual afterall their mother's nuture can cause them to become homosexual....rofl...lol.

    • At 31/05/2008, 17:02, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Well, they do need to reinforce the usefulness of men :P

      *Waves back*


      Wow! If anything, she'd turn a gay boy into straight!!

      Ren Crow,

      Or an excuse to deprive even more women of jobs.


      Sad as much as it is funny, really.


      And we are leaving out the fact that they treat homosexuality as a disease...


      You are so right! After all, the first influence is by the mother :) Actually, I am all for men giving birth and breast feeding - only that is another area at which they're useless. LOL

    • At 01/06/2008, 13:00, Blogger The Zoal said…

      LOL @ Previous comments.

      But seriously, this could be related to the incident where the a teacher -female- happened to punish a student - dude - with putting lipstick on his lips/make up on his face -depending on the story teller - a couple of months ago.

      There was even a cartoon about it back then -Learn Arabic damn it!


    • At 01/06/2008, 18:46, Blogger Dotsson said…

      And the only reason you don't have fags on this blog is because you have male readers :) BELIEVE THAT!!!

      BTW what the fuck is up with all these Eastern Europeans kicking ass in Tennis? Where are all the Russian chicks???

    • At 01/06/2008, 20:52, Blogger Heil Neurotica! said…

      LMAO at the so called study conducted by the MoE!

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