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    1 January 2009
    Happy New Year, boys and girls

    And so 2008 is no more. One of the worst years of my life so far is finally over and I can't quite believe it. Not just yet. I guess it will take some time to sink in. All I can say now - thanks goodness and good riddance. I've had enough of 2008!

    To be honest, there were some good things in 2008, and some bad things that might turn out to be for the better after all. And on some of these, I am yet undecided.

    I met 2009 in a red shirt. It's a year of a bull ♉ , and I dare any bull to mess with me in 2009. I had enough of bulls last year. One walked out of my life, another one tried to walk back in. What am I, a drive through? Or shall I install a revolving door? 2009 might be a year of the bull, but I won't take any bullshit. Enough is enough.

    I was going to say some good things about 2008, but I realised I don't have much to say. Some things that happened might seem good, but they are not good for me, and I know it. I'll just have to work on them in 2009, and I am sure I will manage, and the right decision will reveal itself to me eventually.

    So, Happy New 2009! And I wish that to myself too. I could use some happiness. And maybe I should grow up a little more, sort my brains out. Temporary insanity is SO not in this year! I just know it.


    PS. In my album, there are some new pics in Dubai page. Our New Year dinner, and few pics taken from our recent trips around the country. I took mom all over the place and she loved it. We visited all the Emirates and even some of Oman territories! She had a blast.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:00 pm  
    • At 02/01/2009, 00:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Leap year left!
      Urrraaa! :-)
      It was a hard year for the most of people. So, I just can subscribe to your words!

      Wish you (& me also:-D) a very-very happy year. It must be OUR year!

      But hey, I'm a bull!
      Though, I'm not a bull, I'm korovka :-P



    • At 02/01/2009, 19:41, Blogger Taras said…

      Happy New Year to you too!

      Greetings from your snowy hometown!:)

      P.S. Nice pics! It must be pretty hot in Dubai this time of the year:)

    • At 03/01/2009, 15:37, Blogger Wardat_il'7leej said…

      Thankx for txt :) must agree that there was nothing in 2008 that i can brag about. I officially called it the wrost year of my life.

      Oman territories! grrrrrrr

    • At 03/01/2009, 15:59, Blogger Brave Cat said…

      Severnaya Korovka,

      Thanks for the wishes! And yes, I think it will be OUR year. Can't wait to hear your news! We haven't talked in a long time. Kisses, darling. Love ya lots.


      Yeah I heard it's freezing over there! And people freezing :( Sad news from your part of the world, mate. In Dubai +30, sunshine, fab weather. Come visit :)


      Same here. Absolute worst. What's with the Oman territories? At least we don't need a visa for Musandam :) Happy New Year!

    • At 04/01/2009, 13:31, Anonymous jack said…

      ok then lets start 09 of with a little quiz called ...

      Find the Canadian?


      Bet you get it first try!

    • At 04/01/2009, 14:09, Blogger Brave Cat said…


      Hahaha! Lets see..... ummmmmmm... is he the one taking the picture? :P

    • At 05/01/2009, 17:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Dear Auntie!
      Should I book some of your time to get a chance to talk to you? Busy lady :-P

      Severnaya Korovka :-D

    • At 06/01/2009, 16:45, Blogger Brave Cat said…


      Email me. I want to know the news, and what's going on in your life. Kisses.

    • At 07/01/2009, 02:11, Blogger nzm said…

      Happy New Year, BC!

      You're right, 2008 was a shocker and we're happy that it's over too.

      Roll on good things in 2009!

    • At 07/01/2009, 12:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      So many people have said the same! I wonder whether there is something valid behind the "leap year" theory! 2008 was dreadful.

      But it's 2009 now, and so far so good!


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