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    20 November 2008
    To remember or to forget?
    There are things on my mind that I just can't shake off. Some good, some not so good. Some pretty awful. Memories that at times make me smile, at other times they make me angry at myself. That depends mostly on my mood, but lately I feel like there is a "disk full" popup dancing in front of my eyes, and these memories just take a lot of space in my brain. I really don't know how to explain this, but these gymnastics are wearing me out. Today I just wanted to hit "delete" button, and wipe a slate clean. Then again, our experiences (and our memories!) makes us the people we are, shape our characters, empower and enrich our existence. So what should I do with them, then? I am fed up with looking back for answers. I want to experience things without fear of getting hurt, I want to risk and lose my cool without regret. Or maybe it's not about memories and experiences at all? Maybe I am just getting old?

    note to self: ranting about getting old means you're getting old. Stop. Rant.

    In other news, I am THAT close to registering for the ID, but the #*$&%^$ registration number is at home and I need it (of course). So have to wait till next week, when I won't have any time at all for this.

    Remember my "Gone Fishing" post? I actually did go fishing, we sailed all the way around the Palm Jebel Ali and towards the JA port, then out to the sea. Atlantis looks fab. Out of 10 people on the boat I was the only one who didn't get sick, imagine that. And we caught fish which I got to keep as everyone else was too sick to care, hahahaha. Some management team we have.

    Mom is coming here on the 5th of December, I can't wait. Finally someone who will sort the house out! We still have half of our stuff in boxes.

    I don't think I'll be updating this blog anytime soon, I think I have lost interest ... again. Anyways, if you miss me, you know where to find me.

    Buh bay, buh bay now, buh bay!
    posted by Bravecat @ 4:16 pm  
    • At 24/11/2008, 01:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      i want to talk or chat with you, seems like ur a very poetic, sweet & loving person. my email ad fatima8252000 or call me at +974 661 88 04.

    • At 24/11/2008, 16:47, Blogger Brave Cat said…


      I really wanted to call you, honest! My hands were itching and I almost dialled your number. But then I realised that I couldn't possibly be poetic, sweet and loving to you on the phone... And it would have been such a disappointment for you! So I didn't call in the end. Sorry!

      *rolls eyes*

    • At 25/11/2008, 19:13, Blogger nzm said…

      Ah - fatima8252000 will be so disappointed!

      Come back, Brave Cat - we'll miss you too much!

    • At 25/11/2008, 23:58, Blogger Mise said…

      Hey QC .... seems as if I got here just in time ....I know how you feel though ...but if I were to start blogging again, I'd probably want to write about the people / the gossip / the bitching and the backstabbing in my new job (which is two years old now)...but then I'd drive myself mad, or punch holes in my keyboard with temper, so I think about joining a yoga class, and take it out on my sculling blades at the weekend.... So I hope you are well, and that the world recession has brought about a reduction in Dubai smog ... and if you are thinking of coming to Ireland - give me a shout! :D

    • At 26/11/2008, 07:55, Blogger Brave Cat said…


      I am honoured you still visit my blog! Especially since I have nothing informative and/or funny to share with the world anymore. I am so busy at work that it gives me no time to entertain any other interests. Thus I am a bore to myself as well as others. But I'll make an effort! At least to visit my virtual friends' blogs! Does Fatima have a blog??


      You old rascal! Where have you been? I have no means of contacting you. I went to Ireland last month and really wanted to meet you and .... ok ok kidding. Didn't go. YET. But would love to get in touch with you when I do! ;-)

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