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    30 March 2009
    Western women in Arabia

    So yeah, what's with these blonde Western chicks wearing abayas? Or worse, covering their faces?

    One thing is to convert, another thing is to adopt local Gulf culture - how does one relate to another? You can be a Muslim and remain Western, you know. It's not like you'll turn into an Arab by wearing this stuff - you won't. And why should you want to, anyway?

    If it is by virtue of marriage that you are now all covered up, then what, you aren't good enough for your husband and his family unless you try to look like one of their women? And that makes you happy?

    Islam calls for modest dress, not for abaya and niqab. Look at Haya. She's Muslim alright. And she's an Arab, and married to Emirati, but doesn't feel the need for black overalls and face mask. So why do you do it then?

    I'd really like to know.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:51 am  
    • At 30/03/2009, 10:37, Blogger frogman said…

      this question has haunted me for decades... who decided on the black in the first place..

      whether a westerner decides to follow or conform is their choice..

      what i really want to know is why black??

      and you are right, modest clothing and covering of the hair is the only thing specified in Islam, but people tend to take things too far..

    • At 30/03/2009, 15:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Woman is a shadow of her husband.
      So black.
      May be to offer grey :-D

      Don't know...
      I can see only one reason (for myself, may be) - if you want to hide in some Arab places you cover up.

      But I think the real reasons are:
      1. Husband wants it to be so or his family does.
      2. She becomes a real religious fanatic, probably trying to put herself in the most humiliating position just to get purification. Kinda for old sins.

      And the last - for money some women can do anything.

      Don't think of it too much, Auntie.


    • At 30/03/2009, 16:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Hellooooo !!

      You know, many times I think I'll not post any thing bcs I'm lazy, but you push me to post over and over :-P ...something counts for you as you pull me to write even with my laziness :)

      Ok about the doll, didn't you see the famous doll named "Fulla" it made a big sales hit here in Saudi, so much that they made "abaya" with Fulla name and the little girls like it :-)....why the doll wear Abya, bcs no one muslim want to buy for his little girl a doll showing her belly with mini skirt, even Haya doesn't wear like this, right ? and I always wonder why these dolls have to be exposing a lot !! even for western girl, would be a lot of exposing ...and here the coulter and the religion say to cover up (the matter of how is different from one place to another), so the people here want to buy dolls for their little "princess" (does it still irritating you the little princess of Arabia :-), so clearly people want things related to OUR coulter and not to follow the western coulter, got it kitty !?

      Just wonder why the abaya has to be black !! ….i don’t know :-)


    • At 31/03/2009, 11:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I think it's black because it's the most unconvenient colour to wear during hot months! So having to wear black would probably keep women inside? Poor girls.


      I think I agree with your reasons, but they still make very little sense to me.


      They are DOLLS, Touchy, they can be naked for all I know. You can undress your Barbie doll and dress her up in any way you like. Covering up dolls (and young girls) only sexualises them. It's like saying that a doll or a child is a sexual object that should be covered. Weird, but that's your culture, and I have no comment to that. However, you are not a Western woman who is covered, and therefore I don't think you can answer my question as to why you do it :P :P You are not even a girl, to the best of my knowledge, LOL

    • At 31/03/2009, 22:44, Blogger Bob said…

      I think loose clothing is ideal for a Barbie. Have you ever tried to put a jumpsuit on a barbie? It's like, impossibe! Only Barbie has to put her shirts on feet first. Most of them end up naked and headless anyway.

    • At 01/04/2009, 22:33, Blogger Mrs. and Mr. Technicolore said…

      Black is a colour of purity we are told. But it must feel incredibly hot for women to wear black during summers. Why can't women go out wearing white abayas in summer? On modesty, I feel men too should dress modestly not just the women.

    • At 02/04/2009, 09:38, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL you guys! I don't care why it is black! That wasn't my question. I wonder why WESTERN women wear this stuff. Except of course in Saudi where it is illegal not to.

      And I've never owned a Barbie. I was never a doll girl, my toys were all cars and I was running around with boys playing "war".

    • At 03/04/2009, 13:38, Blogger I care said…

      the discussion is branching into babrie dolls, black abayas and western women.

      lol it's funny how people oppose barbie wearing abayas..
      abaya doll is better than a slutty nurse doll.. but still
      why this abaya?

      no one said abayas have to be black, in fact in some countries they don't wear it anymore, any other modest clothing would serve the purpose.
      it's a cultural thing that devoloped here in the gulf and i'd like to know who suggested it.

      black abaya is convenient because it'll never be see-through and it would match the shoes and maybe the part of the tshirt that's showing.
      it's also harder to get stained. the material.

      as for the original topic of discussion.. i can't really say anything.. i'm not a western woman wearing abaya and i don't know of any of them.

    • At 02/05/2009, 12:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      You know me... not so long ago I was asked to dress more modestly and I also got the hint that when visiting grandma I should wear something "conservative". That's when I cut the relationship and the contact. I can't understand why western women do that, the only thing I can think of is what was already said here: some ppl would do everything for money... I'd never deny my culture, traditions, religion and who I am.

    • At 02/05/2009, 17:12, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I Care,

      LOL well that's exactly my question - why ABAYA?? Just dress modestly.


      Sorry, I don't think I know you, but I agree with some of what you're saying. Money might be a factor, but I don't think it's the only factor. I guess the greater influence is the will to do something to please the man you love, perhaps.

    • At 09/05/2009, 16:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      It's the husbands forcing them to wear it.

    • At 27/05/2009, 16:05, Blogger ammaro said…

      some girls just find it more comfortable not to get oogled at by them depraved guys... it makes sense in saudi!

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