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    1 February 2009
    I love tennis and I want to live in Spain

    Rafa Nadal - Majorca

    Fernando Verdasco - Madrid

    Tommy Robredo - Catalonia

    Carlos Moya - Majorca

    Feliciano Lopez - Toledo
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:57 am  
    • At 01/02/2009, 13:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      If it's about tennis, then I don't play it as I don't enjoy it.

      Apparently you want to live in Spain not for the tennis (you pure angel), as for these handsome faces :P …..But Touchy is more handsome than they all are :-D


    • At 01/02/2009, 14:03, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      No comparison whatsoever. Nobody comes close to you, handsome ;-)

    • At 01/02/2009, 14:48, Blogger don_veto said…

      Grown men hitting little yellow balls across a net and calling it love. Sounds a little bizarre :-)

    • At 01/02/2009, 20:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      Yes, this is love. With little yellow balls. Bite me.


    • At 02/02/2009, 00:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Now I see :-D

      I'm sure you just love how they play... nothing more :-P ;-)


    • At 02/02/2009, 07:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Actually, if they didn't play tennis, I wouldn't give them a second look (OK maybe I would). However, the appearance is just a bonus! ;-)

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