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    10 January 2009
    Rafa gets his first title of the year, yay!
    Figure this, Rafa enters doubles in Doha as a wildcard with Marc Lopez (who?) and they win the title, beating reigning doubles world #1 duo, Nestor and Zimonjic, in third set TB! This is Marc's first ATP title by the way, although he's been around since 1999. How do you think he felt, playing on the same court with THREE number 1s at the same time?

    As if this wasn't enough for entertainment, here are the pics.

    They wore matching outfits, down to the knee tape! Hilarious!

    Yes, I was there.

    That's how we laughed at you, Rafa, when you started receiving titles and had to give speeches in English. Wasn't so long ago! Give Marc a break. Not like he'll need it that often, lol.

    And the trademark biting of the goat, ROFL

    Way to go, guys!
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