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    12 January 2009
    New low
    Singing loud "See you again" along with Miley Cyrus on my way to work.

    Actually, I quite like this song. Oh wait, that's another low.

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:12 am  
    • At 12/01/2009, 18:16, Blogger Taras said…

      How about “When Can I See You Again” by Babyface or “Breathe Again” by Toni Braxton:)?

    • At 14/01/2009, 07:29, Blogger Snake said…

      It can't be worse that humming Tainted Love during a 30 K road march.

    • At 14/01/2009, 09:11, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks, mate! I think Cyrus is bad enough haha.

      Snakie Winkie,

      Now, what EXACTLY are you studying???

    • At 14/01/2009, 16:58, Blogger Snake said…

      A bit of this, and a bit of that. You'll know, when the time is right.

    • At 15/01/2009, 02:03, Blogger kala said…

      I think Snakie's studying how to keep the "winkie" attached to his name....

      Happy 2009, Qcat!

    • At 15/01/2009, 02:27, Blogger Snake said…


      Be nice.


    • At 15/01/2009, 08:38, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Ohh you're so right! I think we should help him with that, hahaha. You heard I might be moving back to Doha?? Are you coming back at any point? We should organise Snakie Winkie's welcome back from school party! I can do the banner :P

      Happy 2009 to you too, girl! :)


      Well what do you expect with a nickname "Snake"? It BEGS for epithets of all sorts!

    • At 15/01/2009, 22:40, Blogger Snake said…

      I am not coming to any parties unless the banner says "Mission Accomplished"!

    • At 16/01/2009, 15:06, Blogger ammaro said…

      youre allowed to like silly songs. however, what youre not allowed to do is publicly say that you like them :p

    • At 17/01/2009, 10:24, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      How about "It's ok Snakie Winkie, we love you anyway"? :P


      Long time no see! And I am allowed to do whatever I like in public. Oh hang on, that didn't come out right. ROFL

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