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    6 July 2009
    Weekend getaway
    First weekend in Cyprus we ran away from the heat of the capital into the sanctuary of Columbia Hotel in Pissouri. It was fab! Beautifully positioned down the slope of the mountain by the sea, it is a perfect getaway. Sort of in the middle of nowhere, little village of Pissouri still has everything you need for a lovely minibreak. Complete with Greek dancers! :)

    We stayed in a super swanky garden studio, not the actual hotel building. Perfect!

    The pool is heaven.

    The sea was a little too cold for me (but I am weird like that, plenty of people were swimming)

    The resort grounds are super relaxing and perfect for a lazy stroll

    However, I didn't bother strolling, I spent my time reading my book watching the sunset and the moon! :)

    And eating. Missed the food! Was gonna take the pic of the food, but then realised I had already finished it ;-)

    Andy :)

    Me... with a glass of wine of course.

    The Moon. Can't even begin describing what a lovely weather we have here! Perfect for sitting outside with a glass of wine watching the moon.

    Room terrace faces the pool and the sea. 2 square metres of pleasure!

    But we are back in Nicosia now, stuck at home for lack of something to do - not complaining, this is awesome! Sadly, all too soon this will end, and we won't be able to pull "we have just arrived so no chores please" card, lol.
    posted by Bravecat @ 11:23 am  
    • At 06/07/2009, 12:27, Blogger don_veto said…

      Lovely pictures, hope you have a great time, and thank you for posting :-)

    • At 07/07/2009, 13:55, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Welcome! I'm sure I'll post more as the days go by :)

    • At 07/07/2009, 20:15, Anonymous kala said…

      Argh, am jealous beyond belief! Great photos, so does it feel weird being back home after all those years in the GCC?

    • At 07/07/2009, 20:57, Blogger Bravecat said…


      Yeah it's beyond weird! Everything is just so.. different. The drivers are crap but not in GCC kinda way, they don't exactly speed but you feel like half of them are half asleep and the other half are half blind. The food is nice but takes some getting used to, and the only glorious thing that we embraced with no reservations is the weather.
      I am going to an interview for a weird job (duties probably range from sharpening pencils to emptying ashtrays) but supposedly it pays great, so who am I to say no to people running behind me with a fat paycheck? Weird. I could write a story on that, but now I am too busy enjoying the weather ;-)

    • At 08/07/2009, 13:04, Blogger Ghost Writer said…

      Omg looks absolutely amazing! Sure beats my mini-break in Evian!!

    • At 11/07/2009, 21:16, Blogger nzm said…


    • At 12/07/2009, 15:47, Blogger Taras said…

      No matter where you are, no matter where you go, you look like a Key-yeah-vite!:)

    • At 13/07/2009, 00:32, Blogger Bravecat said…


      Nah, this doesn't beat Evian. Lucky you! When is the next chapter coming up?? Hurry up you got us hooked!


      Thanks! Cyprus is lovely :) And it's so nice to be home finally.


      And proud of it!

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