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    2 April 2009
    If looks were all that matters - men
    I am a man's girl. Never liked pretty boys. The likes of Pitt, Cruise, Farrell et al do nothing for me. One exception is Johnny Depp, sometimes he catches my eye. Sometimes. Not enough to be featured here, I am afraid. I would choose Bardem over Bloom and Alan Rickman over DiCaprio anyday. I don't go for puppy eyes (a la Nicholas Cage, Jake Gyllenhaal or Adrien Brody) and if a guy is too polished, he simply makes me laugh (cough cough McConaughey cough). Here are the men that I find extremely sexy.

    Antonio Banderas - presses all the right buttons. Plays guitar, sings very well, excellent horseback rider and habla Español. Knickers in a twist. Saw him first in "Desperado", but love him more in "Original Sin".
    Gerard Butler - the accent does it. The horrible movie "The Timeline" was bearable because of him. And of course, who can forget the leather and the red cape? LOL Still, he rocks my socks off.

    Sean Connery needs no introduction. He keeps getting better! And he stars in one of my fave films, "The Name of the Rose".
    Kevin Costner - "Rumor Has It" rings the bell - he is definitely up to the task of seducing 3 generations of women!

    James Denton - sexy plumber from Wysteria Lane. I would have him fix my plumbing ;-)
    Djimon Hounsou - be it "Four Feathers", "Gladiator" or "Blood Diamond" - he is just gorgeous.

    Ralph Fiennes - my fave of them all. Laszlo de Almasy and Heathcliff. Enough said.
    Gabriel Byrne - the ultimate goodie ("Man in the Iron Mask") or baddie ("Vanity Fair") - just too darn handsome.

    Hugh Jackman. Love me some Wolverine! Or old school class in "Kate & Leopold"- that always wins me over.
    James Purefoy - absolute raw masculinity with everything it stands for - good and bad. First saw him in "Knight Tale" and fell in love. Then fell in love with him again in "Rome". Medieval and ancient gear suits him well. Drool!
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:52 am  
    • At 02/04/2009, 13:50, Blogger Taras said…

      Who's your favorite Desperate Housewife:)?

    • At 02/04/2009, 14:10, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      The one in the Ladies post! :)

    • At 02/04/2009, 14:17, Blogger nzm said…

      Good list, QC! I'd replace Ralph Fiennes with George Clooney. George has style, wit and class - and a brilliant sense of humour.

      I'd have to classify Fiennes in the puppy dog eyes class with Nick, Jake and Adrien.

      I'm sorry, but he plays each role the same - pained smiles, melting eyes, wimpy man. Think The Constant Gardener and The Reader.

      And - and - and - he dumped gorgeous Francesca Annis! That certainly makes the man a dweeb!

    • At 02/04/2009, 14:23, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha nzm - I sort of agree with you, but still, Heathcliff does it for me. At the same time, while I agree that Clooney is gorgeous, he is still a little too sweet for my taste. Too conventionally pretty.

      Also - again, I didn't go for acting skills, choice of roles, or sense of humour. Just looks :) And Heathcliff Fiennes is more interesting to me than Danny Ocean Clooney. But yes, if I had to add another one to the list, that would be George.

      Wouldn't be fun if we agreed 100%, lol

    • At 05/04/2009, 00:30, Anonymous jack said…

      Cat your such a dog ;) ... I didn't make the list!

    • At 05/04/2009, 09:39, Blogger Trembling Before God said…

      Frankly, George Clowney is no great shakes!
      QC,living in the Persian Gulf you cannot not have the likes of Omar Sharif, Prince Waleed bin Talal and Benjamin Netan-yahoo :) on your list of the Sexiest Men Alive. I should know I am after all a man's boy :)

    • At 05/04/2009, 09:43, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Send me your mug shot and full body pic, and we shall see :P


      Appreciate the suggestion... but nah :P Not my cup of tea, any of those. Besides, I didn't go for "sexiest men alive", I went for good looking actors, whose good looks appeal to me :)

    • At 07/04/2009, 12:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I'd do them all. Good selection!

    • At 07/04/2009, 15:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      You still have that admiration for Kevin Costner ? :-)

      And it seems you forgot to put the pic of Russell Crowe !


    • At 07/04/2009, 16:32, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I never liked Russel Crowe! And I'll always love Kevin Costner. As I said before, this is true love. And true love lasts a lifetime :^)

    • At 08/04/2009, 11:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…


      YOU DON'T LIKE RUSSEL CROWE!?? Come on ! this is a first ...he is a great as an actor and has a good looking as man....come with him Hugh Jackman (I just don't like his name ending with "man") kidding ok :-)
      The rest of your list are ok !

      I just could not understand how you like me so much and at same time you like Ralph Fiennes or James Purefoy !!?? we are so differant kitty !!!


    • At 18/05/2009, 21:50, Blogger PerplxinTexan♥ said…

      These men are alot more scruffy than I tend to like my men but, Anderson Cooper can have me any day

    • At 13/06/2009, 19:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Perfect title for a blog! :)
      The blog's title sounds like a poem...
      Cool post too...

      Cheers from Romania

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