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    31 October 2005
    My study of Arabic didn't go too far. This is the only language I heard of that has hundreds of different spoken dialects, and one written language that nobody actually speaks. Very complicated. How is one supposed to learn, or keep notes? I love the sound of it though. Roohing, ta'aling, goulling, kteering, ouding... I can say few things in about 4 different dialects. I can sing along to about a dozen Arabic songs. Of course there would be only few words that I actually understand, but who cares? I would probably take my attempts to master Arabic a tad more seriously if I could pronounce all the sounds of it. But 5 different versions of "H"? No thanks. What's not given is not given, I guess, and I should probably just accept the fact that Cats are not meant to speak Arabic. Mieowww!

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:25 pm  
    • At 31/10/2005, 12:49, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Man... I've been wanting to pick up Arabic ever since I came here... It would help me so much in my stories. Coz u know.... even if an Arab, who's giving you a story, knows a lil bit of English, you can't get it right and deep, coz the bugger thinks in Arabic... he just can't explain himself properly.
      That apart.... damn I wanna learn Arabic...just that days go by so fast here... you just don't seem to have any time left.

    • At 31/10/2005, 15:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Conman, you completely crack me up... Do let me know which stories are yours. When is the Malaysian piece coming up, by the way?


    • At 31/10/2005, 16:52, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Well... won't tell you that so easily... why? Well, just like that. So much free time out here.... so waste time playing stupid games.
      Anyway... if you wanan read my published stories in gulf times... they're right there on my blog under index... 'dateline qatar'.

    • At 31/10/2005, 17:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ohhh so the Alien Bus piece was yours? Where in the world did you manage to find people who don't know how the bus doors open? Speaks volumes about the choices of the employers... "Skilled and semiskilled labour" takes on all the new meaning now.
      On the other hand, its great to see the workers travel in a dignified manner now. Snap snap for Karwa..


    • At 31/10/2005, 17:14, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Well... they are people from small remote villages in their country, who were probably shivering with fear when the plane took off to bring them to Qatar, they probably refused the free juice and food from the air hostess because they thought they would in now way be able to afford it on a flying-in-the-air restaurant.
      They are innocent people, who've been in Qatar for 7-8-10 years, earning 700-800 riyals out of which they send back 500 to their family back home, and save the rest, to maybe buy a pair of snazzy 50-riyal shades, or a cheap walkman for their friends, so that they can show it all off back home some day. They've never seen an automatic door in a bus!
      There's nothing like a skilled worker in the subcontinent cat. There's the poor, and there's the rich.
      Thats it!
      But unfortunately, they all have to eat to stay alive...
      Oh God talking of food I'm dying of hunger... when the hellw ill this stupd fast break!~

    • At 31/10/2005, 17:23, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Wow.. that's harsh..

      Are you fasting? If yes, then why "stupid"? If not, then why hungry? Or is the local restaurant closed? I liked your recipe by the way. Too bad I am kitchen-challenged.


    • At 31/10/2005, 17:32, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Restaurant closed man. Why the hell will I fast by choice? By compulsion yes. It's weird... i always pack food at night for the morning... but i NEVER feel hungry in the morning. I even take my sandwiches out and keep them on the bed to warm (lol), (I haven't yet bought a microwave, too lazy), but just never feel hungry in the morning. Always start starving at about 2-3-4 in office and then am too lazy to walk back home (haven't yet applied for a driving license yet, too lazy)

    • At 31/10/2005, 18:48, Blogger Kaleidoscope said…

      Just wait until you learn some of the profane words. Those ought to be some tongue twisters for you.

    • At 31/10/2005, 21:36, Blogger luckyfatima said…

      yeah better 4 u that u don't pick up the Gulf dialect. I am not fluent but I'm pretty good, however I am stuck with a heavy gulf accent that makes other Arabs shutter cuz they're prejudiced against the molasses heavy language of the Gulf. Like, back home in the US, all the Arabs I know are Egyptians, Lebanese, Palestinian, etc. so they freak out when they hear Gulfy sounds coming out of my American face Lekin ana waayid aHib el lughaat alkhaleejia, aish asawwi???

    • At 31/10/2005, 23:32, Blogger Marqas said…

      There are lots of dialects, but as one who speaks fushah, or Classical (some call it Qur'anic Arabic) fluently, I'd say start there. I can speak to the largest number of people with fushah. And while I may sound a little bookish, it works. Plus, it's so beautiful. And that's from an American.

      Neal before Zod!

    • At 01/11/2005, 00:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Eclectic... I've been living in the Gulf for the last 5 years or so and no progress whatsoever... I cant even curse in Arabic. Pathetic, I know.

      Fatima, don't scare me. Arabic all sounds the same to me, with the exception of Lebanese - Lebanese guys just sound a bit... well.. feminine to my untrained ear! :^)

      Marqas - you are throwing heavy artillery at me straightaway! Qur'anic Arabic? All I want is to be able to understand people. It won't help if they understand me, but I have no idea what they are saying... But you are right, it's always best to do it the proper way. Where did you learn it?

    • At 01/11/2005, 00:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Conman - wow... You don't drive?
      *sings*: Mowasalaaaat... Mowasalaaaat.. LOL only kidding, man. Get that licence... and get a microwave, for goodness sake.


    • At 02/11/2005, 19:57, Blogger McArabian said…

      Funny, my cat speaks Arabic fluently :P

      But yeah, don't be discouraged, Arabic is one of the toughest languages to learn, it's up there with Japanese.

      Best way to go about it is to use language tapes - most of them come in the Egyptian dialect but you can worry about the right dialect after you get the basics down :)

    • At 02/11/2005, 22:51, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      McArabian.. thanks :)~ Can I borrow your cat for a few months? Either I will speak Arabic after that, or the cat will learn a few new languages...

    • At 13/11/2005, 02:43, Blogger MuppetLord said…

      Hi there.

      Chinese is kind of like Arabic...hundreds of dialects, but the official language is Mandarin I think...could be Cantonese. Wahtever, you get the drift.

      I spent 16 years out in the Gulf and I know hardly any arabic.... though insh'allah is the useful one. So is mafee falloos...I'm guessing that is how you write it in english.


    • At 13/11/2005, 16:33, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Hmm I have absolutely no clue what "mafee falloos" means...


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