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    24 November 2005
    Cat's friends
    Last night was truly one of a kind. Not so often do I find myself on a backseat of a speeding Landcruiser, travel mug filled with wine in my hand, singing (ok, shouting along) to a very loud "You're simply the best"! It takes a truly great company to make me do that. And oh boy, did I have a great company? You bet! Introducing H.A.D.S.A:

    Meet H. H is Hyper and Hilarious.
    She is also blonde, tall, and sporty.
    H drives really REALLY fast and rides horses.
    She has plenty pets and a parrot.
    H is a manager (Woo hoo!)
    She can cook turkey but she won't eat it because she's vegetarian.
    H has the cosiest living room in the world.
    We met a year ago. Life in Doha has never been the same since :^)

    This is A. A is a patriot. He likes colour blue and he supports APOEL. If you know what APOEL is, you've been to some weird places. A has left his mark in Doha, it will last for decades.
    He loves diving and flying.
    We met 7 years ago. A is one of a kind. Agapa mou :^)

    And this is D. Pure Delight. She is on a short visit.
    D is a friend of H and now my friend as well.
    We met yesterday. That was enough time to realise that she is totally awesome.
    She will read my blog so I better be nice :^)
    D talks non stop and has a great smile.
    She lives in Kuwait now.
    We share the same attitude towards designer purses.

    This one here is S. S is a Sweetheart.
    He likes sashimi, sheesha and sword dancing. S is busy and important, and drives like any local.
    It's his birthday tomorrow!

    And this is me - the second A.
    My name is qAtar cAt (aka brAvecAt).
    I love taking pictures :^)

    Yesterday we went to Asia Live! for dinner of sashimi and wine. We met at S&H's place where we saw D for the first time. I'd heard so much about D that I'd liked her even before I actually met her. We walked in, and there she was. From the moment we sat down on the sofa she wouldn't stop talking! H wouldn't stop pouring, and S wouldn't stop teasing us all. We were still at home at 8pm (our table was booked for this time), and then S had to do a mad dash through the whole town to get there.
    Asia Live! is a great place. Nice ambience and delicious food. We had piles of sashimi and more wine. We sat right next to the girls who looked like they were having an extremely sad Hen's night, all of them overdressed but depressed. Of course S&A couldn't stop checking them out :^) Mostly to tease us, but we didn't really mind. We were busy discussing very serious things like children (funny because none of us girls has any), and laughing at the sad chicks next to us. I can't recall what the guys were talking about. Probably something along the same lines.
    And yes of course the three of us had to go to the Ladies' at the same time. Giggles all the way.
    Why is it that girls need a support group to go to the toilet? It is pretty lame, but then we were already quite tipsy so we didn't care much. In the toilet we made plans to go to South Africa next year. Sounds like fun! :^)
    After the restaurant we got back to S&H's, and had even more wine. I remember taking pictures, and when we saw them today we were cracking up. I haven't drunk, talked and laughed that much in a very long time.

    It's Thanksgiving today. I had so much fun I OUGHT to be thankful! Oh yeah, and for staying alive after all this wine, too, hehe!

    posted by Bravecat @ 6:03 pm  
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