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    28 November 2005
    Unwind in Namika's world of poetry
    I browsed around the Omani blogs as I am going to Oman this weekend, and came across this one. It belongs to Namika, and I fell in love with her poems. Maybe they are not the most polished ones on the web, but there is so much feeling and soul searching in them that I couldn't stop reading. Here is one of her recent entries.

    The End

    I have a feeling that this is the end
    It shows clearly from the messages you send
    I never expected it would end up like this
    Making me wonder what did I miss

    I always thought our love will last forever
    For better or worse we will always be together
    But I should have known it was too good to be true
    And it's my destiny for eternity to feel blue

    But I am glad that it was no one but you
    As I truly loved you and will always do
    No matter how many would try to bid
    No one would make me feel the way you did

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:14 pm  
    • At 28/11/2005, 13:19, Blogger Namika said…

      waw, thank you qatar cat :) its an hornor for someome to like my so-called poems and decided to post one of them in his/her own blog :)

      and as you said in your post, thay are not polished ones.. that is why I don't consider them poems.. I consider them feelings, words :)

      thanks again..

    • At 28/11/2005, 13:30, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I like your poems precisely because they are not polished and full of feelings. I find my own thoughts in many of them!


    • At 28/11/2005, 13:38, Blogger Namika said…

      "I find my own thoughts in many of them!"

      lol can you believe that you are the third or is it the fourth person who says the same thing :)

    • At 28/11/2005, 21:33, Blogger Kamakazy said…

      Namika, that was nice... it does feel from the heart and i do feel that its the same words i would use...

      it doesnt really need to be polished... :)

    • At 28/11/2005, 22:32, Blogger ClOuDs said…

      woOw Namikaaaaaaa :D u have lovers from qatar lucky U :D

    • At 28/11/2005, 23:50, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Kamakazy.. Totally agree. Poem is perfect as it is and it says it all :^)
      Namika is great!

      LOL@Clouds :D

    • At 29/11/2005, 07:28, Blogger Namika said…

      kama and clouds, you guys make me blush *blush* thanks :)

      clouds, from Kuwait as well ;)

    • At 30/11/2005, 15:44, Blogger McArabian said…

      This one has potential :)

    • At 30/11/2005, 22:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yes, especially since you think so too :^)
      It's been a while... Hope you find time to update with all this studying!


    • At 01/12/2005, 19:33, Blogger Chris said…

      glad to find another blogger in the lovely S of Q. If you're ever looking to read something new (not necessarily interesting) check out my blog:




    • At 02/12/2005, 09:35, Blogger AkaRound Peg said…

      Qatar Cat, Nice blog, discovered it today. We left Doha for Muscat 4 years ago and its nice to read about Doha and Qatar.

      Reg Ramadan, a big highlight used to be the canon being set off on vacant land next to the post office opp the corniche. Do they still have it? And Shara Kharaba where stall would come up on the roadsidemaking those pancakes.. (shows how starved we were for entertainment!)

      I hanker for the Mezzes of Ya Mal Sham - you get nothing like that here in Muscat....

      Will drop by again...

    • At 04/12/2005, 00:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Chris, Peg, welcome to my blog :^)
      I have just returned from a weekend in Oman, so I will be back on track with all the news very soon. Come back and check on me again, and I will definitely visit you on your turf. Cheers!


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    • At 07/03/2007, 00:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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