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    25 November 2005
    West Bay fire
    This is what I was looking at from my office windows on Thursday. One of the towers nearing completion on the Corniche caught fire. According to Al Jazeera there were no casualties. How in the world could there have been no casualties? The whole tower was on fire, and it burned for hours.
    Of course half of Qatar flocked to the Corniche to observe the fire, completely blocking all the roads. Fire engines and civil defence trucks couldn't pass through and the police didn't block the Corniche for general traffic. I was watching in disbelief how fire engines and ambulances tried to get through the gridlock! Then in the online article I read that the police had indeed blocked the roads. Maybe they only blocked the ones right next to the tower itself...
    posted by Bravecat @ 7:10 pm  
    • At 26/11/2005, 19:58, Anonymous James said…

      I hope no one was hurt either.Seeing the pictures of fire and then if no one was hurt from fire of that magnitude...it is really lucky.:)

    • At 26/11/2005, 23:03, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yes it looks like everyone is safe after all, according to many reports and our English language daily. Thanks goodness. You're right, it's way too lucky.


    • At 27/11/2005, 04:24, Blogger McArabian said…

      Good to know no one was hurt - you're right, that fire does look pretty big.

      Also, great view :)

    • At 27/11/2005, 09:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Hey McA! Good to know you are back and posting :^)

      The view is terrific, you're right. One of the best things about my job!


    • At 27/11/2005, 10:14, Anonymous james said…


      You mean other then your boss the view is the next best thing about your job ....right?Hey wanna exchange bosses?What say? ;)

    • At 27/11/2005, 10:21, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks but no thanks, Jamie, you keep your mad woman to yourself :p

    • At 28/11/2005, 01:35, Anonymous injinuity said…

      the fire brigade really did do wonderful job in curtailing the fire; or so I am told by well informed sources.. and yes, no fatalities or severe causualties have been reported as of yet.

    • At 28/11/2005, 09:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      They were just too lucky with the wind...

    • At 28/11/2005, 12:11, Blogger U.E. said…

      Wow, really awesome picture. Amazing that there were no casualties.

    • At 28/11/2005, 12:26, Blogger Dreamvendor said…

      This is crazy. At work, we didn't even know that an incident such as this happenend until the late evening e-mail forwards of the photographs. Sometimes we slog like hell that we dun even know whatz happening outside... *and still wondering how I missed knowing about the incident in a place where news (Read rumors too!) spreads faster than the fire*

    • At 28/11/2005, 18:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      UE - yes I can hardly believe it myself. Yet it is true :^) Seems like God smiled on Doha on Thursday.

      Dreamz - I wouldn't have known about the fire if my office windows didn't face the Corniche! I called a few friends and told them about it an hour into the incident, NONE had heard or seen anything until I told them!


    • At 05/12/2005, 15:24, Blogger AkaRound Peg said…

      I am told that this fire served as a wake up call for Qatar. Apparently the response to was not adequate enough.

    • At 05/12/2005, 17:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yes Peg, you are absolutely right. The response was not only inadequate, it was a disgrace. Qatar is not capable of dealing with such fires as yet...

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