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    28 July 2008
    Help needed
    I am looking for a temporary training coordinator to assist me until the end of the year (+/- a month or so). It should be a lady on a husband's or father's sponsorship as I won't be able to provide a company visa for a temp employee. I would prefer some training coordination experience although it is not a prerequisite. What is absolutely essential - college degree, excellent English communication skills, computer skills (doesn't need to type fast tho), great telephone manners, polite and getting along well with people of various nationalities and cultures. Some Dubai experience and own car and driving licence are preferred. The person will work independently and not as someone's assistant. The job will involve sourcing, evaluating and liaising with local training providers, choosing the most appropriate training programmes, and coordinating trainings and related training arrangements including venues, course materials, travel arrangements, etc. Office is located just off Sheikh Zayed road 5 minutes from Times Square in Al Quoz, working days/hours Sunday - Thursday 8.30 - 5.30. I will consider part time/shorter hours/fewer days a week as well. I would prefer a European lady, and that's not because I am a racist bitch, but because I am the only one here and feel outnumbered! Of course I will consider all nationalities. If you are interested or know someone who might be, send the CV to qatarcat@gmail.com
    Many thanks!
    posted by Bravecat @ 2:32 pm   4 comments
    17 July 2008
    Cat's travelogue

    I decided to count the countries I visited, and apparently I've been to 34 countries! In alphabetical order:

    1. Antigua & Barbuda
    2. Austria
    3. Bahrain
    4. Belgium
    5. China (Hong Kong)
    6. Cyprus
    7. Czech Republic
    8. Egypt
    9. France
    10. Germany
    11. Greece
    12. Hungary
    13. Israel
    14. Iran
    15. Italy
    16. Lebanon
    17. Lithuania
    18. Malta
    19. Moldova
    20. Netherlands
    21. Oman
    22. Poland
    23. Portugal
    24. Qatar
    25. Romania
    26. Russia
    27. San Marino
    28. Slovakia
    29. Spain
    30. UAE
    31. UK
    32. Ukraine
    33. USA (Puerto Rico)
    34. Vatican

    Also, on my work travel list for this year I have China proper (Shanghai), Denmark, Pakistan, Saudi and Sweden.

    I also realised that I lived in 7 countries: Bahrain, Cyprus, Qatar, Russia, Ukraine, UK & UAE. I studied in 5: Cyprus, Qatar, Ukraine, UK & USA. I worked in 4: Bahrain, Cyprus, Qatar & UAE.

    My favourite countries are Malta, Oman, Spain and Puerto Rico.

    I don't really know where I would like to go on holidays next, any suggestions? What are the places you visited that you really liked? I am not into skiing destinations, and generally not into winter sports, but everything else is game.

    So, where should I go next? ;-)

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:28 am   26 comments
    12 July 2008
    A song for you
    Another song of my fave Greek singer Mazonakis. I've posted quite a few of his songs on this blog already. Enjoy!

    posted by Bravecat @ 4:02 pm   3 comments
    8 July 2008
    What do I do when it's late, when I have nothing substantial I want to share, yet I feel like posting something on my blog? I turn to Blogthings. This time, it's "What's wrong with your ex" quiz. If I could only narrow it down to one thing... LOL

    Your Ex Is Paranoid

    Whether your ex was accusing you of cheating or your friends of being evil...

    Your ex definitely saw things that weren't there!

    People with paranoid personality disorder bear grudges, are always suspicious, and confide in no one.

    Sound at all familiar?

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:10 pm   0 comments
    Pics pics pics!
    As promised, the photos from my work trip to Hong Kong (bunch of random snaps), pics from the trip to the wedding of my friend Frog in Devon and a bunch of Iran shots can all be seen here. Enjoy!

    posted by Bravecat @ 1:14 am   3 comments
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