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    29 July 2007
    It's official
    Qatar Cat is now a resident of Dubai*. That means Cat can get a GSM connection, open a bank account, travel for up to 6 months a year, call Dubai visitors - "visitors" and argue the pros and cons of Salik... Cat feels like a human being again!

    *About frigging time.
    posted by Bravecat @ 3:33 pm   11 comments
    26 July 2007
    I'm still here
    And I am not going anywhere.

    I have too much to deal with at the moment. I am working 6 days a week putting in 10 hour days, my best friend from Cyprus is here with her family and I am playing a host, so I don't have the time for blogging. Nor do I have a subject. All I think about these days is the stuff I wouldn't write here.

    And as I have said, I'm always here...
    posted by Bravecat @ 11:57 pm   3 comments
    22 July 2007

    We left so many words unsaid,
    And now we've lost the chance
    The only thing that I regret -
    You never saw me dance

    In hot pursuit of what and why
    And where, and when and who
    The only thing that I regret -
    I didn't dance for you

    As much as I regret it, see -
    There's nothing I could do:
    You knew you'd never dance with me,
    I guess I knew it, too.

    posted by Bravecat @ 5:59 pm   5 comments
    15 July 2007
    The issues of toilet

    "A delegation of the Korea Toilet Association and the World Toilet Association will visit Qatar from July 21-23.
    The delegation is scheduled to meet high-ranking government officials including Sheikha Ghalia al-Thani, chairperson of the National Health Authority.
    During the visit, the delegation, which will be led by the Korean Toilet Association’s secretary general Choi Seung-Ho, will also announce the inauguration of the first general assembly of the World Toilet Association, to be held in Seoul in November.
    “The basic idea behind the World Toilet Association is to establish an international organisation that would bring together the governments and civil societies of the world to specifically address the issues of toilet for the first time in world history,” said a Korean embassy spokesman..."

    posted by Bravecat @ 4:06 pm   6 comments
    11 July 2007
    Summer scents - updated
    I love perfume. I often nip into department stores just to see what's new in the world of fragrance. And even though I constantly discover something new I like, I rarely change my preferences. I am a devotee of Chanel No5 (cliche, I know, but works!) and Viktor&Rolf's Flower Bomb. But in the heat and humidity of Middle Eastern summer these are the last scents, save, perhaps, Opium and Oud that I would like to wear! I also got a bottle of Estee Lauder's Emerald Dream as a gift, it is fresh and unpretentious and worked for me but it's seeing its last days as there are only few drops left. So I went around once again to look for something summery. And once again I realised I really like D&G's Light Blue! I've liked this perfume for years, but never bought it for some reason. And what do you know? Just as I decided to finally buy it, D&G decide to perk it up with juicy ads!! Just look at any summer Cosmo magazine and you'll see the sexy water drenched babe on a yacht advertising Light Blue for ladies. Within days the perfume flew off the shelves! And that's after it's been available for years! I was not a happy bunny. Luckily for me, duty frees come to the rescue and a visiting friend was happy to oblige! Thanks a ton, and now I have my very own D&G Light Blue :) It's summery and fresh enough not to irritate, and yet it's not bland aqua-cucumber-watermelon-citrus type scent you come across too often in the summer. It's fab, in other words.

    Another gem I came across is Elizabeth Arden's Mediterranean. Now, this is THE perfume! EA finally got it right after all the horror of green doors, red linens, avenue women and provocative teas! Or something like that. Mediterranean definitely is the ultimate summer scent and after I'm done with my Light Blue, I'll go for this deep azure. It actually does smell of the posh Mediterranean summer with it's warm beaches, cocktails, yachts, sun lotions, delicate flowers and that smell of the skin just out of the sea water. Try it, I bet you'll like it.

    Oh and if you're a guy, try D&G Light Blue for men. It's quite new and quite fresh. Well, in men's fragrance department D&G score every time! I guess they just know what makes us girls go WOW! Click on the link I gave for it and see for yourself!

    UPDATE: I might just wait with that Mediterranean. It is awesome, no questions, but I have just discovered Carthusia I Profumi di Capri. Very very impressive. How come I never knew about them? Came home loaded with samples and so far gravitating towards Fiori - flowery, sweet and fresh. And the best part? It's rather rare, so chances are I won't share the office with at least 3 girls wearing the same fragrance. So I'll keep you posted :^)
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:47 pm   14 comments
    10 July 2007
    Acquired wisdom
    It's midnight but I can't sleep. I am at a certain point in my life when for some reason nothing is certain. I have been thinking about how what happened to me in life made me the person I am now. Some things in life can be truly learned only by your own experience. Here is some midnight knowledge for you:

    1. The opposite of love isn't hate.
    2. Desperate Housewives and Godfather have answers to all possible midnight questions.
    3. The grass is greener for a reason.
    4. Words don't matter but they come handy very often.
    5. If it really hurts - take a painkiller.
    6. Safe sex is like a seatbelt.
    7. At least half of what we say and hear isn't true.
    8. Love ends where conditions begin.
    9. Doors open, doors close.
    10. Wine is heaven.
    11. Some people are born that way.
    12. Dogs are awesome.
    13. Size matters.
    14. Don't hug that tree, climb it.
    15. Who created god?
    16. Adds to 7.

    Good night.
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:07 am   11 comments
    5 July 2007
    Championships Awarded to Doha
    How awesome is that???

    "The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour announced today that Doha, Qatar, successful host of the 2006 Asian Games, will host the 2008-2010 Sony Ericsson Championships, the most prestigious event on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. Under terms of the $42 million, three-year agreement, the Sony Ericsson Championships will feature record prize money of $4.45 million, equal to that of the ATP's season-ending Championships, the Tennis Masters Cup. The singles winner's check of $1,485,000 represents the largest single guaranteed payout in women's tennis today. The announcement follows an extensive and competitive global bidding process begun earlier in the year that included expressions of interest from numerous major international cities and that resulted in a four-way finalist bid runoff between Doha; Bangalore, India; Istanbul, Turkey; and Monterrey, Mexico."

    Guess who will be seating in the front row??? :D :D :D

    Way to go, Doha!!
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:27 pm   1 comments
    1 July 2007
    What is it that makes people think that it's ok to take something that doesn't belong to them? Something someone else has paid for? Is it because they are poor and desperate? I could probably understand it then. But it had nothing to do with being poor and desperate! I shipped my entire extensive DVD collection to Dubai by air freight only to discover yesterday that some of the movies "didn't make it".

    My friend Fishy and I watched Underworld and were planning to watch Underworld Evolution - only the DVD wasn't in the box. There was the bonus features disk alright, but the feature was missing. I randomly checked some of the other blockbuster movies - and it appears that someone in the customs here in Dubai has an expensive taste.

    No, I don't believe that this has to do with being poor. Poor people don't steal DVDs. They steal money and food. But how do you explain this? Someone just thought that this would be a nice movie to have in their collection? Well, that's what I thought too and so I went and bought it! I didn't get into someone's stuff to steal it!

    I won't go bankrupt, obviously, if I have to buy the movies again. But my opinion about Dubai, one of the richest places on Earth, won't change. Cheap thieves! And there is no law here that could help me to get my DVDs returned.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:11 am   18 comments
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