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    30 September 2007
    G_McElman_070716_2433 O N E

    F I S H I N uppercase G || Austell, GA
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:48 am   5 comments
    24 September 2007
    Do you remember?
    Remember years ago, you were a cute talented kid singing in a seedy club just cause you liked singing and wanted an audience? My (then) boyfriend who worked at the same club would ask me to give you a lift once every now and then when you didn't have a car and I could never remember where your place was? LOL

    Well... look at you now ;-)

    Mixalis Xatzigiannis - Mi me oneireyteis - Live @ Lykavitos


    Mi me onireftis
    Mi rotas an zo
    Na mi m' agapas
    An den ise edo

    Don't dream of me
    Don't ask if I'm alive
    Don't love me
    If you're not here

    posted by Bravecat @ 10:52 pm   11 comments
    19 September 2007
    Random stuff
    Was caught drinking water in the mall (I forgot, dammit!) in full view of hundreds of people before sunset. Was heard yelling at the policeman to mind his own #$%^#* business. Was escorted out of the premises but supported by people who apparently disagree with the local policies of banning food and drink in public during daylight in Ramadan.

    I am so so SO not tolerant of intolerant narrow minded idiots anymore, honestly. I don't know what happened. I was really supportive, tolerant and conscious of "local culture" in Doha but here in Dubai I don't give a damn. Maybe it's cause I had Muslim friends there and I have only one friend here and she holds local culture in even lesser regard than I do, if that is possible. Why isn't anyone tolerant of MY culture, not here, not back home? Why should I be oh so tolerant of bloody everyone and everywhere???

    Went to IKEA and stocked up on jams. They make awesome jams there, just like my gran would make, a little sweeter but that's ok. I love gooseberries and I haven't had any in decades, and now I got gooseberry jam and I am happy. And until today I had no idea that gooseberry jam is great with 2007 Semillion, but now I know. I had nothing else to go with it, and apparently it makes an awesome combination :P

    Long live South America, RSA & Oz for making 2007 vintage possible. I love young wine, don't try to tempt me with any cellar rarities and expensive varieties kept forever in damp barrels. Give me 2006-2007 Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin, and Semillion, and I'll be happy ;-)

    Fishy is not coming over tomorrow, so I'm left with no choice but to go out and try to enjoy myself. I need a hobby, badly. I wish I could still ride, but that is sadly not an option anymore. I miss horses, I miss the smell of the farm and the saddle leather, and I miss talking to the horse while tucking it up. Oh well, better not go there. Anyways, I need to find something to do in my free time, quick. Maybe I will continue brushing up my Spanish or guitar, maybe I'll take up something hilarious and new, like golf. New to me, that is. Or Bingo, LOL. I am getting old, after all.

    Time to sleep.

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:59 pm   28 comments
    16 September 2007
    Viva Salma!
    The sexiest woman in the world dancing. And dancing. And dancing... In the movies which I like very very much.




    Which one do you prefer?
    posted by Bravecat @ 5:13 pm   8 comments
    14 September 2007
    Ramadan, day 1 (yesterday)
    This is what happens to me when I don't have access to coffee in the morning:

    : Good morning, Mr. VIPA (Very Important Pompous Arse)

    VIPA: Good morning QC, so and so told me that you speak Greek?

    QC: Sometimes

    VIPA: I know two words in Greek!

    QC: Ugh?

    VIPA: Christos Anesti! (Greek Easter greeting, translates as Christ arose from the dead)

    QC: Thanks, you too

    VIPA: I thought it meant Happy Easter?

    QC: Yes. Ramadan Kareem, Mr. VIPA

    VIPA: I am Greek Orthodox

    QC: Oh, sorry, Merry Christmas

    VIPA: You too (backing away while keeping his eyes on me)
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:37 am   15 comments
    12 September 2007
    Happy Birthday, Blah!

    Our crazy forum is one year old today, and it's great fun. I met great people through it and I don't know what I would be relying on for entertainment and laughs throughout the day without it!


    posted by Bravecat @ 10:48 am   1 comments
    11 September 2007
    Keyword activity
    Checking search keyword activity for my blog always cracks me up. I haven't done it for a long time and today I spent good 20 minutes laughing out loud at some of the entries. Apparently, my blog is the place to be if you are interested in cheating on your spouse, getting divorced, call girls in Qatar, bringing a cat to the UAE and meeting gay men in Dubai. These were the most recurrent entries, and here are few of the rest that made me laugh!!

    - Which famous personalities live in Emirates Hills Dubai? (I am flattered to be one of the options, ROFL)

    - Why-I-Was-Late creative essay (Get in touch with me and I'll give you few pointers)

    - Picture of hospitalised cat (Got one, but its too damn scary to share!)

    - Roger Federer does housework at home (doubt it, but wish he'd stick to housework)

    - I hate Kournikova (ditto)

    - I hate Nadal (get the hell outta my blog!)

    - Muslim washing underwear hotel (...)

    - Lion and gazelle concept in the business world (it's all about being on top of the food chain)

    - Omorfi translate (omorfi means "beautiful")

    - Nadal's arms (yeah I'd search for that myself)

    - Bad marriage to a Muslim (and what does religion have to do with your bad marriage?)

    - Ahib sex (what is ahib sex??)

    - How to stick with a bad marriage (don't stick with it, leave it)

    - Nanny McPhee psychological issues (congratulations you won!)
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:15 am   15 comments
    9 September 2007
    Press monitoring - lighter than air
    Gulf News, UAE

    McCanns yet to be formally charged by Portugal police.

    Gerry McCann denied that he and his wife were responsible for their daughter’s death. "We did not kill Maddie," he said. "We're entirely innocent and we will clear our name."

    Entirely innocent? I beg to differ. Who leaves such young children unattended while on holidays in a foreign country? Had they stayed in the hotel with the kids none of this would have happened.

    2. Dubai sets stage to find solution to genetic disorder.

    Arabs have one of the highest rates of genetic disorders... according to the Centre for Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS).

    Yeah I wonder why.

    ...policies spawned to control the frequency and incidence rate of genetic disorders have created social and religious concerns.

    Keep marrying your first cousins and ignore these unislamic policies. After all, marrying your cousin is your right.

    3. Buying used mobile phones could ring in big trouble

    A long and frightening article describing in vivid detail and with numerous examples how buying a second hand mobile phone can get you jailed, fined and ultimately deported. I love the deportation threat most of all. Although hilarious and badly written, the article is nevertheless informative and will probably save hundreds of naive UAE residents from a lot of headache (followed by deportation, of course). And although it isn't on the webpage, the actual printed article states the following: "Do not buy [mobile phones] from street vendors who may be selling at a lower price. What you are buying ... could belong to a drug dealer". That cracked me up. So in case you bought a mobile phone that belongs to a drug dealer, beware: you might develop a drug addiction. Or the drug dealer might decide he wants his phone back and will track and gun you down. Or perhaps there will be drugs stashed inside the phone. But why only a drug dealer? The phone could belong to a murderer. Or a pedophile. Or hey, what about a mobile that used to belong to a prostitute or a gay man? It's still a crime to be gay in UAE, you know. Who knows, maybe buying a mobile phone previously owned by a gay man is a crime too. It is, apparently, a crime to buy a mobile phone that belonged to a drug dealer, so you just never know :P

    4. Worshippers rejoice as church creation begins.

    A stone will be laid today in Sharjah to start the building of what officials say is the first Russian Orthodox church in the Arabian peninsula.

    Awesome news and well done UAE. On the same note (albeit on a different page) there is a photograph from the unveiling of the new mosque in Germany. I wish to convey my gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved in these two events. Tolerance, acceptance of the peaceful practices and education are the way to go. I hope both these institutions will serve the respective communities in the best way possible.

    5. Budget rip off. (From the Letters to the Editor).

    Air India Express charged excess baggage for my laptop. It looks like these budget airlines might make their extras from other means. Coming back from India, a rude Air India staff and manager at Kozhikode airport charged excess baggage for 5kgs for my laptop. I had exactly 27kgs allowed plus the laptop. The staff were rude and even the manager refused to show proof that the laptop was not allowed. I would like to report this incident to the authorities and get some clarification.

    From Mr Sal Puthiya

    How thick can you get? If you are allowed 27 kg on board, that means just that: 27 kg. Why should laptop be an exception to the rule?
    posted by Bravecat @ 2:36 pm   7 comments
    6 September 2007
    Good bye

    For us there is no death.
    Rest here merely bones.
    Around you love's in flower,
    Zero though our breath,
    Etched into these stones.
    Read and feel its power.

    I remember my first night in Qatar. I flew few days earlier than originally planned to make it to the concert. Pavarotti wasn't at his best anymore, but as always he gave his best.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:52 am   4 comments
    3 September 2007
    Happy birthday to me!

    I can't believe I am so old. I am practically ancient.


    PS. Are you people nuts? I am not pregnant! And I am not in Cyprus and I am certainly not planning anything of the sort ;-)
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:31 pm   29 comments
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