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    24 April 2008
    Driving rage
    Can I please use this opportunity to tell all the Jumeirah Jane cows (or rather Emirates Hills Jane cows) who drive like blind snails in the fast lane during busy hours of the morning in their Range Rovers full of kids, to #*$@^& @##!! Or go back home, or use the school bus, or I dunno, hire a decent driver with a smaller car, or at least use the freaking slow lane???

    Half of the morning traffic is due to them! With their oversized shades and peroxide ponytails, looking at their kids in the backseat rather than the road, they are a menace to all the other drivers! If the meaning of your life is to drive your kids to school, that doesn't mean you should deprive other people from being on time for other activities. Like, you know, WORK.

    Yesterday was the highlight. Two of the cows happened to meet on the road, and they actually drove alongside each other, windows open, talking, at a speed of I kid you not, 22 km/hr for like 10 minutes, bringing the traffic behind them nearly to a standstill.

    So yes, the planning of the roads is crap. For such a massive estate as Emirates Hills, there are only two exits, and the presence of these delinquents on the roads doesn't help. I only hope their kids won't grow up to be the same.

    I'm still at home, getting ready for work. And I am sure that when I drive out of the house and onto the road, there will be a bunch of cows in the fast lane, taking their sweet time returning from the school run. One of these days I'll ram my car into one of them, swear.
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    21 April 2008
    What are your favourite nuts?
    I am going nuts already and it's only 10am. Started the day by writing a text message asking to reschedule my first appointment... and instead of my assistant, I sent it to my ex. Awesomeness. Got a reply back thankfully, so still had the time to resend it to the right person and reschedule. Ugh this is what happens when you have a gazillion numbers stored in your phone and when you text and drive. If my ex is reading this by any wild chance - I already apologised, but I hope you can see the hilariousness of it and not hold it against me! I didn't do it on purpose, swear!

    In other news, I am off to Hong Kong for work and guess what? I will have one whole day free thanks to the flight schedule! Anybody been to Hong Kong? What should I see? Where should I go? All suggestions welcome. I just talked to the Italian dude from my department (many of you know about the Italian dude, ROFL), and when I said "Hong Kong" he exploded with "Bellissimo!!" Haha..

    And my favourite nuts are coconuts.

    :P :P

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    17 April 2008
    Email blogging
    I can't access my blog for some reason, so I will try to email this post to the blog and see if it gets posted.

    I am sick. Had the most terrifying experience and at some point thought I wouldn't make it.

    Got poisoned!

    The temperature hitting 40 is some feeling, I can tell you.

    Rushed to the hospital in the evening and survived on injections. Have to get some more of these, they knocked me out and put me out of my misery for a while.

    Food is bad, and I don't think I'll eat ever again.

    Yeah, that was a long shot, but I certainly feel like that now.

    Yahoo! For Good helps you make a difference


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    11 April 2008
    SMS world
    Here are the contents of my phone Inbox. I kept the original spelling. Can you find yours? ;-)


    Did everything work out well with the ladies

    Good i can see him on sixteenth april in the afternoon at two thirty pm i have no other slot next week tks

    Sure stopped now to get him a tea and wake him up

    We don't have options!

    Im at starbucks! :)

    I'm bored at the hospital

    See, that is way more interesting than this stupid volunteering shit. He sounds like the person my mom is sleeping with

    Dunno for tonight

    I will be here at the pool tomorrow morning just talked to fish and we may be doing something in the afternoon, will text you in the morning :-)
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    4 April 2008
    I miss Doha - getting carried away ;-)

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    1 April 2008
    Midnight observations
    1. Serena kicked Henin's ass 62, 60. I could kiss her.
    2. I get about 5 friend requests on Facebook every day, from people I don't know.
    3. RPM classes at my gym rock.
    4. Is it just me, or do the people in Dubai get shallower?
    5. It's summertime!!!
    6. Matt got a BMW for his birthday. Lucky sod!
    7. Today is April Fool's day. I wasn't fooled, didn't try to fool anyone either.
    8. I am re-reading Harry Potter books, on the 6th now. It makes much more sense without a year long gaps between each book!
    9. My new favourite movie is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I almost wet myself laughing.

    I wish you all a great April!

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:03 pm   5 comments
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