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    31 January 2009
    Blessed be Spain

    I love you both. That was unbelievable, no?


    I couldn't care less about the final now. Rafa & Fernando FTW.
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    29 January 2009
    How marriage is done in the Middle East - updated
    Advertisement in the newspaper:

    Engineer, Mid-Twenty, Half European / Half Arab.
    Tall, Beard & Handsome.
    Nikah according to kitab and sunnah wanted.
    Contact: *******@yahoo.com

    For those not initiated:

    Wali of bint - someone with balls (wali) speaking for someone with vagina (bint) - as it is not nice for a good vagina bint to speak for herself
    Nikah - marriage contract
    Kitab - book (in this case, THE book)
    Sunnah - “the way and the manners of the prophet PBUH”

    And for those who are curious (or perhaps would like to respond to the ad): you can find it here - just scroll to the Matrimonials at the bottom of Page 1. The handsome bearded one must thank me for all the free publicity!


    Update: Oh and I just can't understand how in the society where a woman can't represent herself (honour, pride, traditions, etc), a woman can be raped by 46 men. So where is the honour? Where is the pride? Those same men probably negotiated on behalf of their daughters who they are to marry... I do hope they all die from AIDS.
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    12 January 2009
    New low
    Singing loud "See you again" along with Miley Cyrus on my way to work.

    Actually, I quite like this song. Oh wait, that's another low.

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    10 January 2009
    Rafa gets his first title of the year, yay!
    Figure this, Rafa enters doubles in Doha as a wildcard with Marc Lopez (who?) and they win the title, beating reigning doubles world #1 duo, Nestor and Zimonjic, in third set TB! This is Marc's first ATP title by the way, although he's been around since 1999. How do you think he felt, playing on the same court with THREE number 1s at the same time?

    As if this wasn't enough for entertainment, here are the pics.

    They wore matching outfits, down to the knee tape! Hilarious!

    Yes, I was there.

    That's how we laughed at you, Rafa, when you started receiving titles and had to give speeches in English. Wasn't so long ago! Give Marc a break. Not like he'll need it that often, lol.

    And the trademark biting of the goat, ROFL

    Way to go, guys!
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    1 January 2009
    Happy New Year, boys and girls

    And so 2008 is no more. One of the worst years of my life so far is finally over and I can't quite believe it. Not just yet. I guess it will take some time to sink in. All I can say now - thanks goodness and good riddance. I've had enough of 2008!

    To be honest, there were some good things in 2008, and some bad things that might turn out to be for the better after all. And on some of these, I am yet undecided.

    I met 2009 in a red shirt. It's a year of a bull ♉ , and I dare any bull to mess with me in 2009. I had enough of bulls last year. One walked out of my life, another one tried to walk back in. What am I, a drive through? Or shall I install a revolving door? 2009 might be a year of the bull, but I won't take any bullshit. Enough is enough.

    I was going to say some good things about 2008, but I realised I don't have much to say. Some things that happened might seem good, but they are not good for me, and I know it. I'll just have to work on them in 2009, and I am sure I will manage, and the right decision will reveal itself to me eventually.

    So, Happy New 2009! And I wish that to myself too. I could use some happiness. And maybe I should grow up a little more, sort my brains out. Temporary insanity is SO not in this year! I just know it.


    PS. In my album, there are some new pics in Dubai page. Our New Year dinner, and few pics taken from our recent trips around the country. I took mom all over the place and she loved it. We visited all the Emirates and even some of Oman territories! She had a blast.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:00 pm   10 comments
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