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    2 April 2009
    If looks were all that matters - men
    I am a man's girl. Never liked pretty boys. The likes of Pitt, Cruise, Farrell et al do nothing for me. One exception is Johnny Depp, sometimes he catches my eye. Sometimes. Not enough to be featured here, I am afraid. I would choose Bardem over Bloom and Alan Rickman over DiCaprio anyday. I don't go for puppy eyes (a la Nicholas Cage, Jake Gyllenhaal or Adrien Brody) and if a guy is too polished, he simply makes me laugh (cough cough McConaughey cough). Here are the men that I find extremely sexy.

    Antonio Banderas - presses all the right buttons. Plays guitar, sings very well, excellent horseback rider and habla Español. Knickers in a twist. Saw him first in "Desperado", but love him more in "Original Sin".
    Gerard Butler - the accent does it. The horrible movie "The Timeline" was bearable because of him. And of course, who can forget the leather and the red cape? LOL Still, he rocks my socks off.

    Sean Connery needs no introduction. He keeps getting better! And he stars in one of my fave films, "The Name of the Rose".
    Kevin Costner - "Rumor Has It" rings the bell - he is definitely up to the task of seducing 3 generations of women!

    James Denton - sexy plumber from Wysteria Lane. I would have him fix my plumbing ;-)
    Djimon Hounsou - be it "Four Feathers", "Gladiator" or "Blood Diamond" - he is just gorgeous.

    Ralph Fiennes - my fave of them all. Laszlo de Almasy and Heathcliff. Enough said.
    Gabriel Byrne - the ultimate goodie ("Man in the Iron Mask") or baddie ("Vanity Fair") - just too darn handsome.

    Hugh Jackman. Love me some Wolverine! Or old school class in "Kate & Leopold"- that always wins me over.
    James Purefoy - absolute raw masculinity with everything it stands for - good and bad. First saw him in "Knight Tale" and fell in love. Then fell in love with him again in "Rome". Medieval and ancient gear suits him well. Drool!
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:52 am   13 comments
    If looks were all that matters - ladies
    The other day I got into a heated discussion about beautiful actresses with my colleagues - of course we failed to agree. Well, they are men (and therefore clueless) so I will not list their picks here. I will list mine, please feel free to agree or disagree. Just remember, it's looks I am talking about, not acting skills.

    Angela Basset - saw her for the first time in "Strange Days". Then liked her even more in "The Score".
    Charlize Theron - impossible not to like, and one of the girls that featured on my colleagues "best of the best" list, too. Love her in "Italian Job". I don't like many blondes, she is one of very few exceptions.

    Eva Longoria - perfect as an adulterous Desperate Housewife.
    Julianne Moore - simply perfect. Don't miss her in "Shipping News".

    Kate B. - beautiful as a vampire ("Underworld") and as a vampire slayer ("Van Helsing").
    Kate W. - English rose, I like her in "Holiday".

    Keira Knightley - here is one love/hate relationship. Love her when she looks serious, hate her when she smiles. She knows it, and has her Posh act perfected. I like her in "Atonement".
    Liv Tyler - Elven Queen in LOTR, amazing.

    Michelle Pfeiffer - perfect in every single movie. Brilliant in "Stardust".
    Lucy Liu - "Payback" is my fave. Ouch!

    Milla Jovovic - we were born same year in the same city. So where did I go wrong? LOL. "Fifth Element" is hard to beat, but I also like her in "The Claim".
    Monica Bellucci - the sexiest woman alive. Perfect in one of my fave movies, "Brotherhood of the Wolf".

    Natalie Portman - I don't know what it is about this girl that I like so much. She is great in "V", and equally great in "Star Wars". Just, beautiful.
    Nicole Kidman - the ultimate femininity. I chose this pic on purpose - not the most flattering or airbrushed one, she looks very natural, and the movie I like her most in is "Cold Mountain". For a change, the one where she wears more clothes than makeup.

    Rachel Weisz - amazing amazing amazing. Quirky, interesting and unusual kind of beauty. Love her in "The Mummies".
    Salma Hayek - I saved the best for last. Traffic-stopping knockout in "Desperado", and that dance with the snake in "From Dusk till Dawn" - it doesn't get better than that.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:39 am   14 comments
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