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    18 December 2006
    Cyprus for Xmas!
    I am going home! Yay! I haven't been home for a while, and I haven't been home for Xmas for the last 5 years. So it should be fun. I don't have to bother putting up the tree here in Doha (it's a big and beautiful tree, and such a pain to put up and decorate!) and I can have all the excuses for avoiding Xmas shopping (I can always buy stuff in Cyprus, ya know).

    Here comes my 2006 Xmas wish list :D

    1. I still want to stay in Burj Al Arab at least for one night! And day. LOL
    2. I hope someone will get me a cute 2007 diary/notebook
    3. Home cooked dinner! But of course I'll get that, in fact - I'll get 18 of them. In Cyprus.
    4. What do you call those things you hang on your mobiles? I'll have one of those :P
    5. Asian Games opening ceremony music CD.

    Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, everyone!

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:24 pm   22 comments
    13 December 2006
    Blog year in a nutshell

    First sentence or two from the first post I wrote each month in 2006. Judging by those exerpts, what do you think about me? :P :P

    January: The Christmas and New Year celebrations are finally over.

    February: Here is the tag post. I was tagged separately by Sever, Miyafushi, Rumbling NRI, Fo0F (gotta love that nick, hehe) and I can't remember who else (will add if I remember or if you remind me) with the following two things: a. 8 weird things about me and b. 8 attributes of my perfect lova

    March: Went to watch tennis yesterday at Khalifa Complex. Halfway through nauseating match between Russian fourth seed Myskina and Japanese Ai Sugiyama noticed a Japanese guy complete with the Japanese flag and a very complicated camera couple of rows below.

    April: Ok so here is the lowdown: My parents called me yesterday morning and said that the WTA (yeah tennis again, lol) final in Miami is cancelled due to migration of mice.

    May: I am sorry I've kept you waiting so long for a new post! I seem to have a blogger's block.

    June: Somehow lately I noticed that my life is totally devoid of all things fun (no offence to all the fun people I socialise with - that can be considered as fun, of course, but it is not my personal achievement).

    July: Can’t believe I am in back in Doha after a holiday. In a way it feels like I’ve never even left Qatar.

    August: My friend was attacked at the Centre parking today by a pervert who then chased her in the car all the way to her office. She called me from the safety of her office building, in tears.

    September: You should have seen me in an enormous Mexican hat with an ice cream dessert in front of me, skinny single candle sticking out of it, and serenaded by a very loud band of Latin singers....

    October: Yay! A year of blogging! 140 posts. I have nothing much to say at the moment, so I will just copy my first ever Blogger post here instead :^)

    November: I was doing all my banking with HSBfreakingC here in Qatar. It was OK. I used to work in the building that housed the main branch (that meant I never had to drive and look for parking within 1 mile radius), I had a friend in customer service and she gave me preferential treatment, there was a Ladies section there with comfy sofas and drinks and yadda yadda yadda.

    December: And so I sit here by the phone, the hours go by and I'm alone. I've been waiting for so long lost in memories and thoughts...

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:57 am   9 comments
    9 December 2006
    It's my Nameday today!

    I celebrated in style. Awww!

    I watched 3 last episodes of season II Entourage with Peaceful Muslimah.

    I also met Confused Arab Chick - she's in town and she's awesome.

    I got a wonderful new perfume - thank you so much!

    I had fab champagne and cognac truffles.

    I am tired.

    Good night!
    posted by Bravecat @ 11:38 pm   11 comments
    2 December 2006
    Not worth it

    And so I sit here by the phone
    The hours go by and I'm alone
    I've been waiting for so long
    Lost in memories and thoughts

    I dial your number, busy line
    I pour myself a glass of wine
    Words keep jumping in my head
    Words I want to say to you

    I will never have my way
    I could never make you stay
    And I don't want to live my life
    Feeling sorry for myself

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:06 pm   18 comments
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